I’ve come upon a new…, well, not exactly new, but for me a new concept for being.  And in the process I am clearly discovering that to be outwardly, I must change from within myself.

That is, one cannot be “nice,” if one is not nice within oneself.  One can try to “act” nice, of course, but to act nice requires one to be dishonest, or to hold a sense that one is being something one is not.  And, it is this “sense” that one is “trying to be” that  needs to be addressed, I believe.

But I have skipped ahead of myself, again, so let me backtrack just a bit. If you know what nice is, and presumably you do, otherwise how could you act nice?  Then how do you “know” that you are not actually nice, and are mistaken about imagining that you are not nice?

You see, I’m wondering if a sizable number of people might not think they are not nice when the fact is, they are much nicer within themselves than they think they are, or perhaps nicer than they allow themselves to be?  Has it occurred to you that you reflect back what you perceive your environment to be?    It is, in other words, fairly easy to be nice when all about you are being nice, is this not so?  And, at such a time, do you not find yourself being nice?

Well, at these times, do you feel that you are “acting”?  Or do you feel like you are just being yourself?  Well, if you feel that you are just being yourself, then you are quite likely a nice person within yourself.  And, only a fool would “be” nice in a hostile environment where being not nice is what is “expected of oneself”.  In such an instance, if you could be honest with yourself, you would quite likely admit to being sad at having to be other than nice.

What was my original point?  Oh, a new concept for being.  I realized today, this morning to be precise, that I have always been especially empathetic, and I have taken-on the emotions of others while submerging my own emotional state… sensing that for me to be as I am , I would be in conflict with those around me.  Am I being “nice,” when I do this, denying myself so as to not disturb others…., Or am I being dishonest?

Well, what I am awakening to from within myself is that I can “act” like others…. While enjoying being nice and content within myself, and no one needs to know that I am not like them at all.  The challenge is this:  To be honest with myself, I must be a bit dishonest with others who, unlike myself, are afraid of realizing they are  actually nice.  It is ones MIND that harbors evil thoughts.  And one is not ones MIND.

Remember that who one is, is a Soul.  And although you can’t see your Soul, you can begin to acknowledge your Soul by continually reminding yourself that your Soul is always Perfect, and always at Peace [which means it is always nice].


Brother James


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