How many people, do you suppose, know what the Purpose of LIfe is?  If you guessed less than 1%, you would probably be correct.

The Purpose of Life is for we Souls to discover what NSgy is, and what it can be, do, and imagine becoming?  And, we Souls have unlimited lifetimes in which to pursue our discovery.

Each life one lives conforms to the Law of Karma absolutely.  This means that the amount of “free will” one has is quite limited.  And this is a good thing, otherwise the moderate chaos we experience would be so great we would not be able  to function due to worry and the need to protect ourselves.

NSgy stands for: Neutral Spiritual Energy, or the Energy of God and we Souls.  Being Neutral, ones Soul has no identity other than that of NSgy.  So, ones Soul is surrounded with three bodies:  A Causal body, an Astral body, and a physical body.  This means there are four simultaneously existing dimensions to each human being, only one of which is physical.

This means three of the four are Esoteric [invisible] to ones physical body [brain and physical senses].  If one does not realize all the above, one will likely be operated by ones MIND, whose principle desires are Greed, Envy and Avarice [a name for the many ways Greed manifests itself].  The Purpose of Life is to awaken experientially to what I have just laid out, which is called Enlightenment.  The achievement of which leads one to the exit, and the end of the cycle of birth and death. The next and last stage of Life is to return to what one was before becoming a Soul with MIND attached, which is NSgy itself [only with full Knowledge of what Life is].



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