Why Do Liberal Teachers Teach Liberalism?

The answer just occurred to me while in the store this afternoon.

The Liberal teaches what he/she “knows”.  We all do this, of course, but what I “Know,” and what the Liberal teacher “knows” is very, very different.

You see, we are taught to think, and to think that what we know we have learned from outside ourselves.  We read books “thinking” that we are learning something from the books. Well, we are learning a bit from books, perhaps 10% of what we advance in understanding is drawn from books.  But this leaves a sizable 90% that we do not draw from books.

So, where does this 90% come from?

The 90% is already within you, but you don’t realize this because no one has told you this is the case.  We are lead to believe [by teachers who believe they learned by reading books] that we are dumb.  Science really believes that you are an empty slate [tabula rassa] that needs to be exposed to books in order to put something within you.

The only thing you will draw from a book is a “symbol” that will [if you are ready to awaken to what the symbol triggers from within yourself], awaken bits of truth that are stored within what I call your “Apapsyche” [Operational Energy of your Soul].  Can I prove this?  Of course not, at least not to people who require physical proof before they can accept a concept.

The Soul of any person whose Soul has completed a substantial number of lifetimes on Earth will have acquired what I refer to as “CDKA&EU,” or Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or what I believe the ancient Greeks referred to as “Consciousness”.  For short, I refer to this “Truth” by the symbol “C’etc”.

When one is taught to read, and begins reading, one will, from time to time, come across some word, picture, expression, and so forth, and this will act as a “symbol” [if it is “invested” by the  writer with what I call “an Esoteric rider”], that will,  in turn stimulate some bit of truth stored within ones Apapsyche.  This process is Intuition at work,  and one will experience some level of “AH-ha!”  A moment of unusual clarity in which one suddenly knows something one did not “know” previously.

The peculiar part of this is not that it takes place, although this is peculiar.  What is truly strange is that as soon as one Intuits something,  one will quickly attempt to [most people try do]  “think” about what  has just been Intuited…. And, what has just been Intuited quickly begins to disappear.  And for many, they are lucky if they retain a small percentage of what was just an instant earlier perfectly clear.

The reason for this is that, and quite unknown to people, the Attn Aspect of their Apapsyche [which is ones “attention”], had subtly shifted out of his/her brain and moved into the Spiritual dimension where the Awar Aspect of Apapsyche [the part of oneself that experiences] was introduced to the vibrational resonance of a bit of higher relative truth that he/she has acquired over many, many lifetimes. This is another story for another time.

The point is, each person [at least those who have lived many lifetimes], will have accumulated some amount of C’etc, and thus, when that person is “ready” to awaken to that higher bit of truth, it is done via his/her Intuition.  This “readiness” has to do with the general level of a person’s level of Enlightenment, and the Fate Karma that person has designed for this particular lifetime?  No one can awaken to C’etc that he/she is not “ready” to awaken to, in other words.  And, this explains how it is that the Bell Curve applies to almost every group of students.  Different Souls responding to a common test that measures them against the amount of C’etc each possesses.

The flaw in the Bell Curve is that it was designed by a Left-Hemisphere individual and does not really “test” anyone who is Right-Hemisphere oriented.  Another story for another blog.

So, those Souls with MINDs that rule over them, due to their possessing a lower amount of C’etc, are naturally drawn to intellectual activities, and American education in 2013 is certainly the height of Intellectualism.  So, teachers come from this core of unenlightened Souls who are often “compensated” with a extraordinary Intellectualism.

We our unintentionally exposing our children [some of whom are very Enlightened] to teachers who will unintentionally omit, diminish, and ignore the C’etc of Man -since they unknowingly fear it.   The Spirituality of Man, in other words.  For over a century, we have been abusing Enlightened children, and teaching to the least common denominator among all our youth.

Not a good situation at all.  But how likely is it this will be generally recognized?  Slim to none would be the answer.


Brother James



It occurred to me this morning, and has been in my thoughts for some time now, that we would be wise to remove “Intelack” people from the criminal justice system.

An Intelack person is explained in the link, but briefly, it’s someone whose Soul is new, or relatively new to the form of human being, and this Soul has not as yet accumulated much, if any C’etc.  And C’etc is my symbol for: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or “Enlightenment”.

My recommendation is quite logical, but will offend the sensibilities of the Intelack individual in that the MIND of the Intelack [unknown to him/her] holds hidden within itself an intense fear of personal responsibility.  To not fear the Energy within oneself that allows one to enjoy personal responsibility one needs to be somewhat Enlightened [in possession of some level of awakened Spirituality within oneself].  And this means ones Soul must have lived a sufficient number of lifetimes to have earned a level of C’etc that ones Conscience and Knowledge are active parts of ones decision-making process.

By contrast, the Intelack individual [which the name implies], lacks C’etc, and is thus  vulnerable to the desires of the MIND: Greed, Envy and Avarice [the many ways in which Greed can manifest itself]. Every criminal is an Intelack, and the nature of the crimes committed indicate the degree to which a criminal lacks C’etc?

So, when we allow an Intelack judge to sentence criminals, guess what?  Since the judge [unknowingly] fears personal responsibility, the Intelack judge will inevitably sentence the criminal leniently.  The   Intelack judge does not realize this, but those of us who are Enlightened at all should realize this, and we really need to correct this insanity.

For example, I propose anyone who is convicted of identity theft be sentenced to “full restitution” of all costs and damages caused by his/her criminal behavior.  In other words, the person convicted of identity theft be sentenced to a work program that generates “income” to the criminal.  After costs of incarceration are met, then all additional income will be channeled to the victim/victims of that criminal… until “full restitution” is met. When full restitution is met, and only then, can such a criminal be considered for release.

Every crime should be similarly dealt with.  Why should law abiding citizens be responsible for paying for criminals ? This is an insane practice. Every criminal should “pay” for his/her cost of incarceration, and full restitution for the crimes committed BEFORE ANY RELEASE IS CONSIDERED.  The nation would, I believe, be amazed at the reduction of crime.


Brother James


I’ve come upon a new…, well, not exactly new, but for me a new concept for being.  And in the process I am clearly discovering that to be outwardly, I must change from within myself.

That is, one cannot be “nice,” if one is not nice within oneself.  One can try to “act” nice, of course, but to act nice requires one to be dishonest, or to hold a sense that one is being something one is not.  And, it is this “sense” that one is “trying to be” that  needs to be addressed, I believe.

But I have skipped ahead of myself, again, so let me backtrack just a bit. If you know what nice is, and presumably you do, otherwise how could you act nice?  Then how do you “know” that you are not actually nice, and are mistaken about imagining that you are not nice?

You see, I’m wondering if a sizable number of people might not think they are not nice when the fact is, they are much nicer within themselves than they think they are, or perhaps nicer than they allow themselves to be?  Has it occurred to you that you reflect back what you perceive your environment to be?    It is, in other words, fairly easy to be nice when all about you are being nice, is this not so?  And, at such a time, do you not find yourself being nice?

Well, at these times, do you feel that you are “acting”?  Or do you feel like you are just being yourself?  Well, if you feel that you are just being yourself, then you are quite likely a nice person within yourself.  And, only a fool would “be” nice in a hostile environment where being not nice is what is “expected of oneself”.  In such an instance, if you could be honest with yourself, you would quite likely admit to being sad at having to be other than nice.

What was my original point?  Oh, a new concept for being.  I realized today, this morning to be precise, that I have always been especially empathetic, and I have taken-on the emotions of others while submerging my own emotional state… sensing that for me to be as I am , I would be in conflict with those around me.  Am I being “nice,” when I do this, denying myself so as to not disturb others…., Or am I being dishonest?

Well, what I am awakening to from within myself is that I can “act” like others…. While enjoying being nice and content within myself, and no one needs to know that I am not like them at all.  The challenge is this:  To be honest with myself, I must be a bit dishonest with others who, unlike myself, are afraid of realizing they are  actually nice.  It is ones MIND that harbors evil thoughts.  And one is not ones MIND.

Remember that who one is, is a Soul.  And although you can’t see your Soul, you can begin to acknowledge your Soul by continually reminding yourself that your Soul is always Perfect, and always at Peace [which means it is always nice].


Brother James

Some Words About Devotion

The problem with “devotion,” as a concept, rests in determining what one is devoted to?  It really makes no difference what religion one is pursuing, the basic problem still exists.

God is invisible…. unless, of course, one denies invisibility?  Who do you know that has seen God?  How about the term God, itself?  You no doubt realize that the term God is an abstract term, created by Man to point to an existence of some special, powerful, and eternal Energy that many believe exists?  The question then is this:  How effective is ones devotion to the abstract term God… if every person has a different concept of what God might be?

Kabir, the great mystic says: “Even if one were to make one’s home on the bank of the holy Ganges and drink its pure water, one will fine no salvation without devotion to God…”

Dr. T.R. Shangari [author of Jap Ji], the author I am currently reading, says: “Cleansing the body is not sufficient; the mind’s purification is vital. The mind can only be purified by devotion to the Lord. So, Dr. Shangari agrees, that devotion to the Lord is vital.

The question still remains, does it not?  To purify the mind, one must practice devotion to God. But if one has no idea what God is, how does one practice devotion to that of which one is ignorant?

The “key” to this seemingly insolvable problem is strange to the West, because in the West we are devoted to Intellectualism.  In the West, and in America, we are much too practical to waste time with that which our brains cannot perceive.  It is for this reason we deny three-fourths of who and what we are as “whole” human beings.

Precious few in America realize that by “thinking” about life, we subtly ignore 3/4ths of the whole of ourselves.  And we resist the Eastern mystic trying to tell us that there is more to Man that what our physical senses can discover.  So, whether or not Americans realize they are in denial of 3/4ths of Reality, they are.

The point then is that in America, we do not accept that the Energy of Spirituality is invisible.  Nor do we realize that what we think of as true, is actually false.  What we think is true are thoughts  being fed to our brains by  our minds, and in our subtle denial of the Esoteric [invisible] 3/4ths of ourselves,  we have no way of discovering that what we think is true, is actually  false…. provided to us by our minds, whose role is to prevent us from discovering our Souls, which are the only parts of ourselves that can experience God.

I find this fascinating, how about you?


How many people, do you suppose, know what the Purpose of LIfe is?  If you guessed less than 1%, you would probably be correct.

The Purpose of Life is for we Souls to discover what NSgy is, and what it can be, do, and imagine becoming?  And, we Souls have unlimited lifetimes in which to pursue our discovery.

Each life one lives conforms to the Law of Karma absolutely.  This means that the amount of “free will” one has is quite limited.  And this is a good thing, otherwise the moderate chaos we experience would be so great we would not be able  to function due to worry and the need to protect ourselves.

NSgy stands for: Neutral Spiritual Energy, or the Energy of God and we Souls.  Being Neutral, ones Soul has no identity other than that of NSgy.  So, ones Soul is surrounded with three bodies:  A Causal body, an Astral body, and a physical body.  This means there are four simultaneously existing dimensions to each human being, only one of which is physical.

This means three of the four are Esoteric [invisible] to ones physical body [brain and physical senses].  If one does not realize all the above, one will likely be operated by ones MIND, whose principle desires are Greed, Envy and Avarice [a name for the many ways Greed manifests itself].  The Purpose of Life is to awaken experientially to what I have just laid out, which is called Enlightenment.  The achievement of which leads one to the exit, and the end of the cycle of birth and death. The next and last stage of Life is to return to what one was before becoming a Soul with MIND attached, which is NSgy itself [only with full Knowledge of what Life is].



Intramanus is a new word.  Intra means within, and manus refers to Mankind. To learn more try This.

Specifically, Intramanus refers to the MIND and Spiritual dimensions within each human being.

Too many people do not realize they have a MIND separate from the brain.  The reason this is important is because ones MIND can cause one to think stuff that isn’t true.

And if one has strong negative thoughts, chances are it is ones MIND that is causing one to “think’ these thoughts.

How does one end such thoughts?  Well, one needs to focus on something more powerful than ones MIND. Guess what that is?  That’s right, ones Spirituality. And that means God. Ask for help to counter ones negative thoughts.  But when asking for help, mean it within your “heart”.