What Causes Sexual Perversion ? And the CURE is…

There are basically three reasons:

1.  The End Time, or the end of the Iron Age of Man, is a very dark time for mankind, when those Souls that have yet to become lost in sex-driven perversity have an opportunity to do so because public aversion to perversity is generally less severe, due to the influence of an overall era of Satanic-level mentality… almost like sexual curiosity was in the water, and all those Souls whose MINDs have waited for this time… incarnate to explore and experience sexual perversion world-wide. And such Souls naturally gravitate to it.

2.  What disposes a person to be psychologically “set up” to experience various forms of sexual perversity is an interchange between the MIND of a child and the MIND of  one or both parents?  That is, the MIND of a child, in reaching out to the MIND of a parent for clues to its identity [at the time of birth], finds a number of deeply repressed ‘misperceptions’ regarding the sexuality of the parent, or parents if the father is present?  This ‘misperception’ is internalized by the MIND of that child, thus creating a question to be resolved by that child?

3.  The third reason for sexual perversion is that a child with a mild dose of sexual misperception’ [taken-on from one or both parents] is spotted by an adult Homosexual who grooms the child before seducing the child, thus causing the MIND of that child to believe that yes, indeed, he or she “IS” a Homosexual.

The primary thing to remember regarding sexual perversion of any kind is that it is entirely Psychological. That is, it is a repressed dormant desire “Within”  a child’s MIND, until that desire is acted out by someone who is him/herself a sexual pervert… who uses the child to satisfy his/her desires.  pt-1

With this in MIND, imagine the insanity of social workers providing Homosexuals young children to provide “foster care”!!!

The primary and crucial psychological “symptom” of sexual perversion is denial by sexual perverts that they have a “problem”.  This denial turns the mental illness into habitual [and all-consuming] behavior, which [depending upon the severity of the birth trauma] can drive a person to become a serious threat to children.  The “Key” to the problem of sexual perversity is the natural denial of a person’s MIND, which feeds Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of that person’s brain that causes that person to “think” that what he/she is doing is quite natural… since one is “BORN” that way… which is the lie his or her MIND causes him or her to believe.

In other words, the sexual pervert has virtually no Conscience, and thus, nothing “Within” that person to resist or fight the mental demands for more and more satisfaction  of the ever-growing demand for sexual satisfaction.  Lacking both Conscience and Discretion, the sexual pervert is a very poor prospect for any position demanding responsibility.

All of this is unknown by modern mental health, which today  has a great many sexual perverts within the field itself… since BS&bp no longer has anything to do with the MIND of man.

The “cure” for this mental illness?  Yes, this illness can be cured, however, to do so requires a fully competent Gestalt Psychotherapist, who is properly trained and educated. Alas,  rare to find in America today.

Peace, Brother James



Why we in the West fail to realize the Reason some people deny God, while other people Love God?

And, before we begin  this serious topic — ponder this question:  Is it possible to actually love someone one has never met?  arrow 11a

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As strange as it might seem…and in spite of the fact that a great many people mistakenly believe that because the SOULS of people are the same Spiritually… [ or “Within” a person], then people should also “be” the same…externally?  The fact is… mankind represents two [2] distinctly different types of people.  One type I  refer to as “Intelack,” and the other type I refer to as Enlightened.

The problem we have [particularly in Western cultures]  is a problem of improper education, which is the natural result of institutions being run by the most intellectual type people… rather than run by the most Enlightened type individuals.  And, the question then becomes:  What is the difference between an intellectual type person and an Enlightened type person?  The difference is the intellectual is run by his/her MIND, and thus denies God.

To begin to discuss this hugely important topic, we must first agree on some basic principles of Life? Does a carrot have a Soul?  How you answer this basic question will determine whether you are a friend of Truth, or a defender of “let’s pretend”!  And while on this question, how about a Tree, a dog, a cat,  a snake, or a cell?  Do these life-forms have Souls? And are all Souls the same?

A A Soul is an aspect of God, and thus, the Soul contains the same Energy as that of God, which is invisible to the physical senses of Man.

The simple fact is… every living thing has a Soul. It is the Soul that provides “life” to  every living thing in the Creation; from cell to Man.

Now a second important question:  How many lifetimes does a Soul have in which to accomplish the Purpose of Life?  The Purpose of Life is to explore and experience all the ways that Neutral Spiritual Energy can manifest itself in the Creation?  And to do this, the Soul needed to take-on a MIND, which God provided each Soul as we entered the Creation.

Final question?  It it likely that a Soul that has not acquired Enlightenment would be able to resist a MIND whose purpose is to insure that the Soul remain somewhat like a slave to the desires of the MIND, until that Soul is capable of acquiring sufficient Consciousness to rise above the MIND?

Answer:  No, the Soul of an Intelack type person remains subject to the dictates of the MIND, which views the Energy of God as the “unknown,” and thus, the [Lower] MIND remains  fearful of the invisible Energy of God.

And,  since the only part of Man that has seen God is the Soul of Man, only the Enlightened Soul can manifest its Love of God.

Peace, Brother James

What we need to teach Children… Part 3

The point I wanted to try and make regarding children is this:

Children are at the same time quite vulnerable, and they are also acquiring data very rapidly.  Not only this, but the more Enlightened a child is… the more sensitive that child is to having its MIND misinterpret the fears and actions of the parents.  That is, with the average child, a parent getting angry frightens the child, but the child does not take the parent’s anger personally.  However, with the especially sensitive child, a parent getting angry is taken quite personally, and the MIND of the sensitive child causes the child to “think” that there is something very wrong with him or herself.

Children who act out quite often are “venting” the bad feelings their MINDs are generating ‘Within” them. And this “habit” is cumulative. That is, it has been building over time, and it just means that child is more sensitive to anger, scorn, or reprimand that other children might be?

The term “love” is used quite often by those who claim to be experts on children. And these same people quite often badly mistake demanding a child adhere to rules as a bad thing to do.  Whereas, every child needs to know what is expected and what is not permitted in their environment. A parent who lovingly reminds a child of the rules is not a tyrant, but is actually helping  to remind the child of what is expected behavior.

It is rarely necessary to spank a child, if a loving relationship has been established between a parent and the child?  In such cases, a parent can simply cast a disapproving glance at the child, and that is sufficient.  Children need to feel secure, and they normally want to please those they love. 

One last note of importance regarding a child who may be unclear as to his or her own sexuality.  As difficult as this may be for parents to accept, it is the wise parent who can do so…  AT the time of birth, children take-on deeply repressed fears and beliefs of their parents [and the parents are not even aware this is taking place]! 

Sometimes a parent may have picked up some [mental conflict] from his or her own parents, and this conflict did not manifest in him or her, but it is passed on to his or her child.  If a child is confused, and remember the “confusion” I am talking about is taking place “Within” the child’s MIND, and is thus fully non-conscious to the child, but is subtly manifesting itself in behaviors that can be noticed… The best thing to do is to gently divert the child’s attention from something that is a feminine trait [if the child is a male] and redirect the child’s attention to something that is more male. Playing with a toy truck, rather than a doll for instance.

Liberal Intelack type people who are lacking Conscience and Discretion quite often will try and interfere in a parent’s natural concern regarding sex-appropriate behavior, and will want to encourage the parent to allow a child to act out behaviors more appropriate for the opposite sex. They do this because they are mentally screwy themselves.  A child needs good, honest, and appropriate help in “learning” what is male and what is female. If a child can get to thirteen without being molested by a pedophile or Homosexual, then that child is likely good for life.

And finally, parents must [especially today], be most aware of who their children are associating with.  The pedophile and the Homosexual are both stealth predators who are constantly searching for children who are confused about their sexuality.  Any time children are gathered, close by will be these sexually conflicted individuals who are driven to “infect” as many children as they can.  Each parent will have to be the judge as to when it is appropriate to begin warning their children about predators, and what to do if approached?

One last point, if some sick social worker in your city or town wants to place children with Homosexuals, I encourage you to do all you can to expose such people for the danger they represent to children.  There are many Intelack [godless] people in every profession, and they simply have no Conscience or Discretion with which to comprehend how truly stupid it is to hand over innocent children to sexually conflicted pedophiles or Homosexuals.

Peace, Brother James

Three Things Every Child Needs to Know… Part 2 of 3

What makes this series of blogs somewhat difficult for those educated exclusively in the West to accept is the “Reality” of Life these blogs are based upon.  That is, the Law of Karma is the principle LAW of life in the Creation… because it is the Law that God designed for the Creation. 

Karma is simply this:  “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  In other words, every thought and action a Soul-MIND takes… is recorded by the MIND that is attached to the Soul of every life-form in Creation.  And it is also listed in a book on the Astral plane of existence referred to in the Bible as the “Book of Life”.

This means, of course, that every living thing in Creation has a Soul. If this is news to you, chances are it is news only because so little of the Esoteric Truth and Reality are discussed, or taught in the West!  How come?  Well, it is not just one reason, but several. First, Reality is invisible to the brain and physical senses. Second, the ONLY way to experience the invisible in Life is to use one’s faulty of Intuition. Third, the only people “Within” whom Intuition is especially active are those who are quite Enlightened.

And the term “Enlightened” refers to someone whose Soul has acquired what I refer to as an abundance of “C’etc“… [pronounced “C_etcetera”].   And “C’etc is my symbol for the “Virtues in Life” that all Souls are slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. 

The phrase “Empathetic Understanding” would also include the terms psychic, Intuition, empathy, and extrasensory perception.  And Intuition is the means by which our Souls convey bits of Truth [or Knowledge] to ‘us’ [and “us” refers to what I refer to as Man’s  “Conscious Awareness.” or “C-Awar”]  for short.

I believe what I refer to as C-Awar is what Renee Descartes was searching for when he steeled for “I think, therefore, I am”.  He was in error, but that is water under the bridge.

So… for these and other reasons, the scriptures were altered, I believe. And removed were references to Reincarnation and the Law of Karma. One reason [I believe] the scriptures were altered in the centuries around the Fifth Century, by some of the early Popes, was primarily to better control the masses who were already prevented from reading.

When godless people get in control of education, people always suffer. And this should be taught to our children. They need to be taught that some people hate God, because these people are Intelack, and lack Conscience. And the Intelack will always be a poor choice to be a politician or a judge.  And this needs to be conveyed to our children as well. 

The Democrat or Liberal are not “choices” these people make based on reason,  it is the result of their fear of God, Truth, and Reality.  And to place an Intelack in the position of a teacher is to insure that your child is forced to believe what the Intelack believes:  That  Truth, God, and Reality does not exist and any reference to these needs to be torn down.

Peace, Brother James

From book this am…

Well, in the West, we lack two things that cause us to remain locked into the brain and thinking… And as long as we are thus confined, we remain ignorant of the difference between the illusion of life that seems real, and the Reality of life that is invisible to us.
This still doesn’t help clarify much, does it?
The reason is that in the West, we lack, as I said, two things that are fundamental and crucial to explaining the reason people are different from one another?
The two things? 1. Truth, and 2. Reality.
The question is… “How come”? And the answer is… Education, or the lack thereof!
The reason the West in particular does not deal with either Truth or Reality in our education system is that in the West, we have allowed the subtle fears of the Intelack class individuals in our midst to subtly guide us into denial of Reality to accommodate their fear of Reality.
Or put another way, the Intelack type person is so fearful of the Truth, and God, and Reality, that they demand those of us who are naturally open to Truth, God and Reality pretend that Truth, God and Reality isn’t important!
And in every civilization that has died, you will find that this same thing has occurred. Good people, in order to placate the fears of godless people deny God. And this sets the stage for evil, and the Satan aspect of the [“-M-“] of Man, and in relatively short order, the Intelack [godless] people take over all the positions where Intellectualism pushes out Consciousness.
And slowly, subtly, the Enlightened people, who dislike arguing, fighting, or forcing the Truth upon those who fear the Truth, find themselves up to their arm pits in evil, which the Intelack loves.

Peace, Brother James


Three Things Every Child Needs to Know… Part 1 of 3 parts.

1. The Law of Karma. 2. God is Real. 3. The Purpose of LIFE!

Of course, in order to teach a child these things, an adult or parent must of necessity KNOW these things him or herself.

In life, we have relative truths [which are small case “t” truths], and these truths  change as we slowly acquire Knowledge [not information, but actual Knowledge].   We also have capital “T” Truths, which are difficult to discover, and they require a great deal of time and personal experience to discover! Capital “T” Truth refers to “experiential Knowledge,” which means that one is actually in possession of the actual experiences required to “KNOW” something… which means to possess the TRUTH of something; which means Complete Knowledge of every aspect of something, which never changes!

And… I can hear the reader saying, “But, wait a minute, how can a child of three possess personal experiential Knowledge of something, he or she has not [as yet] experienced”?

 Well, this is a valid [and important] question, and allow me to answer that question in this way:  “How do you “KNOW” your child has not experienced the phenomena necessary to “teach” this bit of KNOWLEDGE?

And for most parents in the West, your answer will be:  “Well, I know my child has not experienced that which is required to produce KNOWLEDGE of a certain Truth, because he is only three years of age”!

And I will respond to that parent, as lovingly as possible, by asking that parent this question:  “How old is the MIND “Within” your child”?

And I ask this because God gave each Soul entering the Creation a MIND, and a Spirit.  That the MIND God gave each Soul allows the Soul to interact with the phenomena of the Creation.  You see, the Soul is an aspect of God, which means the Soul has the same Energy as that of God.  And the Energy of God is such that it is PURE Spiritual Energy.  And the Energy of God is unique! It is such that ONLY Pure Spiritual Energy can enter the Spiritual dimension.  I refer to the Energy of God as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, and this is the primordial Energy of Existence.

The three realms of the Creation consist of a stepped-down Spiritual Energy which God projected into the Void to Create the three dimensions of Creation:  The Causal Region, the Astral Region, and the Physical Universe. And the Soul is a visitor in each of these realms. It is the “Created” MIND of Man that the Soul uses to explore and experience the Creation [which is the Purpose of Life].

So, when you look at your child, what you “see” is the physical structure of your child. You cannot “see” the MIND of your child, nor the Soul of your child, because these dimensions  are invisible to the physical senses of we human beings.  The only part of Man that can “experience” certain aspects of the Energy of the Soul, is Man’s faculty of Intuition… which is contained in every human being, however, it is dormant in most human beings.

And this is getting long, so let me continue in Part 2 of this series. You might want to save this blog in some way…

Peace, Brother James      Creation


A Passage from new book regarding Children and “Common Core”

Any Soul that is born as a human being, is a Soul that has “earned” the status of human being by balancing its good and bad Karma over many lifetimes in order to achieve the status of human being! Simply achieving the status of being born as a human being [which is the highest level a Soul can achieve in the Physical Universe] is quite an achievement!

If people were taught this simple fact, what a difference that would make in the Western world!

Remember the symbol [“-M-“] stands for MIND. And explanation of the term Intelack is found here.

In general, therefore, any Soul achieving the status of human being… means we are dealing with a child whose [“-M-“] is a very old. Indeed, it is not at all unusual for the [“-M-“] of a child to reflect the Soul of a child that is much more Enlightened than the parents to whom that child is born. Ponder this for a moment or two!arrow

For the Intelack individual, it is easier to think about and focus upon the complexity and confusion of life…[in fear], rather than risk being overwhelmed by the “unknown” in life? Creativity, spontaneity, and imagination are symptoms of Enlightenment and higher levels of Consciousness. These are not elements with which the Intelack is comfortable!

The entire premise of “Common Core” is based on the desires of Intelack [godless] people attempting to destroy [due to their unknown fear the elements of Enlightenment], the natural elements of Enlightenment in children.  arrow

Since Creativity is an aspect of higher Consciousness, a culture that is not dominated by Intelack type individuals will seek to awaken the natural levels of Enlightenment in their children… Rather than abuse those children for being more Enlightened than themselves!

For some people the “Unknown” of life is a challenge. For others the unknown is fearful. And for most people the unknown is avoided by paying attention to what is obvious, and saying that Man was not “meant to know the unknown”.
And in avoiding the unknown, those who do so avoid having to admit that they don’t know a great deal about the Reality of Life? Humility for some is not only painful, it is also psychologically frightening.

Alas, the Intelack has no idea he or she is afraid of the Enlightenment “Within” others.  And Intelack teachers are not aware of how frighted they are of the Enlightened children in their classroom.  Nor are they aware of how much criticism, mocking, and ridicule they impose upon the Enlightened [and thus more sensitive] children  in their classrooms!  And this abuse takes place every day. No wonder our children are showing signs of mental illness!

Peace, Brother James