Why Disrespecting America is pure Egotism…

If you can name one nation on Earth that is perfect, then you are justified in disrespecting or condemning America. And, you are a fool for remaining in America rather than moving immediately to that perfect nation.

Bye, bye, and good luck.

Brother James


A Diagnosis of the AntiFa personality…

I believe it is important for sane, good, and adult human beings to KNOW who and what they are dealing with when faced with those who are attracted to the rhetoric of Soros’ paid AntiFa anarchists… [regardless of age]!

If one imagines correctly, when watching the AntiFa at work, that one is viewing what the Communist [godless Intelack -type]  agitators of 1917 were like in Russia, one is properly identifying the behavior patterns of such people.  But relating the people of 1917,  to the people acting out today… does not tell us what actually CAUSES  these people to do what they do?  It is the psychological causal that I wish to expose in this blog.  That which motivates such people.

Let us begin by explaining that my diagnosis is based on three things: 1. 30+ years as an Esoteric Gestalt Psychotherapist;  2. over 40 years of daily meditation, and 3. my own Gestalt Psychotherapy in 1978, which opened me to a great deal of understanding of my own MIND, and gradually, to a great deal of stored Knowledge from “Within” my “Self” [or what I refer to as “Conscious Awareness,” or [“C-Awar”], which seems to be stored “Within” [ or is] the Soul “Within” oneself.

But back to the AntiFa personality… Through a secret passage of the MIND.

A child that does not receive a sufficient amount of “love” from its parents will automatically “blame” him or herself for not being lovable.  This is not some intellectual thing a child does, it is an assumption made by the MIND of the child at the time of birth, and this initial belief by the child’s MIND is exacerbated by each encounter with one or both parents. And the point here is what do I mean by “love”?

SELF-LOVE It may seem too simple to suggest that a child receives its own self-love from its parents, but this is the case.  Once again… what is “love”?  Oddly, it can be defined as the level to which one sets one’s ego aside to embrace God within oneself?  Love then has to do with how open one is to others, and this means a lack of fear… which is the result of how much “love” [ Acceptance] one was given as a child?


  Now, view this “need” for love on the part of the child as a non-conscious self-view.  That is, who is such a child?  Well, he or she is unlovable, and… in order to not make the parents wrong, the child will BE UNLOVABLE!  And, of course this strikes the normal person as an insane suggestion.  And yet, this is how the MIND works. It acts out the self-view it holds of itself.  And any avenue that can be used to appear unlovable will be used by such individuals.  Therefore the offer of Soros to even pay people to act unlovable is an ideal situation, is it not?

What do we do about the situation? Well, if so many in Congress had not been bought by Soros, he would be no problem. Alas, his money is a big problem. But his money is irrelevant regarding how to eliminate the problem his money has caused.  What can be done is to treat the AntiFa individual like a five year old who is running amuck, since psychologically, this is who they are. They need to be isolated, and confined as quickly and safely as possible, thus protecting them, while protecting property and others by quickly confining them.

Then a stiff sentence, and a requirement they [their parents] pay for any and all damage done to property or people.  The importance of treating them as fully RESPONSIBLE for what they do is part of the therapeutic help police can provide these children [regardless of actual chronological age of the perpetrators.  They are all suffering from deeply repressed misperceptions taken on as  very small children.

It is up to them to seek the help they need… it is up to the public to make sure they realize that what they are doing is not acceptable. And they WILL BE PUNISHED. To tolerate them is to reinforce their self-views, which is wrong.

Peace, Brother James



Non-Christian Alternative to being good in the West… Part 3, The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma illustrates the Absolute Genius of God. Although this Perfect operation is entirely invisible [except for its results on Earth], the concept is pure Genius.  The basic premise of this Universal Law is this:  “As you sow, so shall you reap”.  And this applies to every Soul in the Creation.

That is, every thought A person completes… sends out a vibration whose energy is directed to the MIND of the person whose MIND-level “desire” has just begun the process of  “creating” phenomena for the MIND issuing that command.  And if that command is not halted by a direct order to cease sent by the Soul of that person… whose MIND has just ordered that thought… then that thought is converted to an action, which is carried out by the brain and physical senses of that person. And every action of every person creates Karma, and all Karma is to some degree NEGATIVE KARMA.  “Why is this,” you might ask?  ??

imp  Well, the reason every bit of “Karmic attachment” is “negative” is that every attachment a person has, requires that person’s Spiritual Energy to sustain and maintain that attachment. And all Spiritual Energy used in sustaining attachments to phenomena of Creation is Spiritual Energy used in denial of God.  “But,” you say, “we were not told this.” And I respond, “Oh, OK”.

You see, virtually none of us have been told that this Creation is “an illusion”!  But, I suppose it was thought that the term “Creation” might provide we Souls a clue as to what it was we were caught up in?  We are caught up in an elaborate “play” in which we Souls are all actors, whose purpose is to fully explore and experience everything Neutral Spiritual Energy [or NSgy] can be?    <<

And… we are all busy doing that, based entirely on three things:  1. The Purpose of Life, 2. The Law of Karma, and 3.  Reincarnation or  Transmigration.

You see, despite how hard many religions try to deny the Law of Karma [which is God’s Law], …  the Law of Karma it is not a matter of choice.  Whether you believe in it or not is irrelevant.   It is Absolute in that there is no way to get around, ignore, deny, or avoid this Central Law of Life.  It is simply a Core Principle of all life in the Creation.  And the sooner a person comprehends this basic Law of Life, the sooner that person can begin to orient his/her life in accordance with that basic principle of LIFE.

If you desire goodness and mercy, render goodness and mercy..  If you want pain and suffering, then render pain and suffering.  If you rob, expect to be robbed. If you hurt, harm or murder others, then expect to be hurt, harmed and murdered. Truly simple is this marvelous principle of Life in the Creation.

Peace, Brother James

Non-Christian Alternative to being good in the West… Part 2 (Spirit)

Let us pause, for a bit, to consider a seriously interesting phenomenon!

Those people who believe in God, also tend to believe that there is only ONE God, not many.  So… how do we explain so many  different religions in the world?  May I suggest an answer [that Mystics unanimously agree with, by the way]… and that explanation is this:  The various religions are started by people who are/were greatly attracted to some Mystic or Saint who died.   And in trying to replace that empty place deep “Within” themselves, they created some image or totem, or set of rituals with which they hoped to  remember their Spiritual leader.  And they all contribute what they can remember about the leader, and about what he or she had said to them.

The problem with this well-intentioned effort is this:   The “Spirituality” of a Saint, Mystic, or Master is not what that Spiritually awakened individual said, or did… but is rather  the “NATURE OF THE SOUL”  “Within” that  unique SOUL? The Soul of a Saint or Mystic is of God, in the form of a human being.

And as strange as it might seem, those who begin religions are not the most Enlightened of those attracted to some Saint, Mystic, or Master, although they are quite genuine in their attachment to the “person of that Saint or Mystic”! But… every true Saint or Mystic tells those who can “hear,” that he or she ONLY SPEAKS FOR GOD,  and this unique communication ONLY exists BETWEEN SOULS! That is, from Soul to Soul.  And more specifically, between Spirit and Spirit.  The term “Spirit” referring to the Neutral Spiritual Energy of the Soul, or “NSgy”.

If you are familiar with the Bible, then you recall Christ saying… that he came for his MARKED SHEEP, and that his Sheep KNEW HIM, and HE KNEW Them. Christ also explained to his disciples that what they “were given” to “hear” the masses could neither “see” nor “hear,” so he spoke to the masses in parables.

This was not some euphemistism Christ was saying, it was a very Mystical Truth that ONLY Saints and Mystics sent into the Earth by God are capable of utilizing to awaken the Spirit “Within” certain Souls… that these Saints and Mystics come into this Earth plane to Initiate into a Special Spiritual Path.  And this is also the reason there is always at least one Saint or Mystic on Earth at all times.

[And the above point will be discussed more fully in Part 3:  The Law of Karma and how it works?].

Life is a great deal more complex and involved than what we have been told it is.  And for those who “think” that life is an accident… they are mistaken.  And life on Earth is just one phase of the Reality of Life.  A most crucial phase, and a phase that takes many, many lifetimes to complete. But it is a phrase each Soul must “complete”… or be treated like the fallen Angels… at the close of Armageddon.

Are you familiar with the phrase in the Bible:  Many are called, but few are chosen?  Well, this phrase specifically refers to the fact that certain Souls have acquired the proper amount of what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and C’etc refers to what the ancient Greeks called Consciousness. C’etc refers to Knowledge [Wisdom] that we Souls are slowly accumulating by “Completing” Karma in those lifetimes in which we do so?  Mind you, very often we create more negative Karma than positive Karma, and in the interum between death and a new birth, we visit Hells in order to re-educate our MINDs.

Those who start a religion to “honor” a Saint or Mystic are well-meaning individuals who… Alas,  subtly missed the SPIRITUAL POINT OF THAT SAINT OR MYSTIC.  Which is… God sends Saints and Mystics, they do not arise from Man.

That is… What makes a Saint or Mystic invaluable is that the Soul of the Saint or Mystic is “God-Realized“. That is, the Saint or Mystic is specifically sent into the Earth plane to “Initiate” certain Souls [Souls that have acquired sufficient C’etc to warrant Initiation], into a Spiritual path that leads back to God. And no Soul needs to feel anxious about this, since it is an Absolute certainty that when your Soul is “ready,” the “Master appears”.

Back to those who begin religions… The Bible tells us that this is precisely what happened with the twelve apposals of Christ.  That is, Christ himself told them to go back to Jeruselem and pray, as they waited for the “Comforter” that Christ said he would have his Father, God, send to them.  What does this mean?  The statement of Christ to his disciples simply meant that, because Christ had been with them for such a short time, they had not [as yet] fully developed the “Spirit,” or “Holy Ghost” “Within” their own Souls.  And it is this very point that Part 2 is attempting to explain.  But we will discuss this more later.

Peace, Brother James

The Non-Christian Alternative to being good in the West… Part 1.

It occurred to me early this morning that there must be a great many people in the West who strive to be good, honest people who love God, but for various reasons, do not want to follow Christianity…

My mother had me Baptized as a young child into the Presbyterian sect of Christianity, but my experience of the way people acted in that church caused me to be disinclined to attend that church.  Later, I attended a Baptist church with some of my young friends. An adult in that church cornered me and asked me if I was a Baptist, and I said no, and he said I could not attend that church if I was not a Baptist.

I remember, when I was very young, living across the street from a Nunnery, which was just down the street from a big Catholic Church, and I used to walk across the street and ask those Nuns why I was good-looking and my friend Johnny was not?  And those Nuns, like many other Christians of whom  I asked a great many questions as a child, always gave me the same answer:  “It is just the Will of God”, they would say.

That answer never seemed to me to be a proper answer to what for me was a very serious question.  And that question  bothered me a great deal.  I mention this because I can’t be the only person in the West who wonders about such things in life?!  I was four or five years of age when I was asking such questions.

It was not until thirty-plus years later that I came upon a book that answered that particular question, and a great many more questions as well. I forget the name of that book, but I read a great many books at that time, and they were all based on the same teaching.  That is, they were all based on Law of Karma.

Were you aware that the Law of Karma was established by God at the same time He Created the Creation?  The Law of Karma is one of two principle Laws upon which the entire Creation is based, and the Law of Karma was designed by God expressly for every Soul in Existence.  And the Law of Karma has no religion, no sects, and no membership, nor is there any requirements to meet… in order for the Law of Karma to operate?  And yet, it applies to every Soul, and it is absolutely just, fair, equal, and Perfect in its operation.

And the MIND that is attached to each Soul in the Creation is the local administrator for the Law of Karma. And, there is a public record of the Law of Karma that is available to every Soul that exists in, or is passing through, the Astral Region of Creation.  It is called the Akashic Records. And these records hold every thought and deed a person has had, done or been involved in.  And it exists , whether one is aware of it or not!

So, why is the Law of Karma not known in Christianity?  It is not known in Christianity because the Law of Karma depends upon another primary law of God, that of Reincarnation, or the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes in which to fulfill the Purpose of Life as we need?  This means, of course, that the notion that a Soul only has one life to live is untrue, specious, and wrong.

Where does the notion that a Soul only has one life to live come from? I believe it comes from a misunderstanding of Hebrews 9:27.

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

And this verse is quite correct, however… it applies to the cycle of birth and death rather than to the final “Judgment”that takes place around the time of Armageddon.  The cycle of birth and death is such that at the end of each lifetime, one’s Soul is evaluated as to how well it did working though the Fate Karma it faced in its just completed life?  And depending upon how well the Soul did, its next lifetime reflects what that Soul “NEEDS” to help it grow, and improve itself.  The idea of “one life to live,” is another flaw in how this verse is misinterpreted, or misunderstood.  It is not commonly known by Christians that EVERYTHING THAT IS ALIVE ON EARTH HAS A SOUL!

It is the Soul “Within” a thing that gives it life.  When the Soul is removed, that thing dies.  The ONLY thing Real in a living thing is the Soul of that thing.

From the smallest molecule to that of Man, every living thing in Creation has a Soul. This means that a carrot has a Soul.  A tree has a Soul. A worm has a Soul. A fly has a Soul.  So… does the Christian want me to believe that if a Soul happens to be born as a fly, that is the one and only lifetime that Soul has in Creation.  And that …when that fly dies, it goes back to God and spends eternity telling other Souls about its life as a fly?  I’m sorry, my view of God is of an entity that is much more loving that that. Much more sensitive than that, and much more Creative than that.

And this is part 1 of this blog.

Peace, Brother James


America was, for eight years, headed by a male Homosexual, who is a sexually conflicted and confused individual, who claimed to be married to a male transvestite, posing as a female.  The damage this sexual pervert did to America, and especially the government, including the military… was substantial, and yet, because he was a black man, he was reelected to the office of President for a second term.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been very successful over the years blackmailing and extorting money from corporations by threatening to boycott a corporation for alleged racism.  This, and black riots when some black thug is arrested by police, has translated into a nation where black people believe they can demand and are due special treatment simply because they are black.   The same thing has taken place with mentally ill people whose MINDs are sexually conflicted…[which means they need competent psychological help]. Because of the failure of modern mental health — Research Here… people in America who desperately need competent mental health are not receiving it. Sick people are told by people who have found that by using the label LGBT they can claim special privileges, and that they should threaten to sue anyone who does not provide them what they want.

The deeply repressed ‘guilt’ regarding slavery held by those people who are Liberal or Democrat causes such people to view life very differently than a normal, mentally healthy person views life.  The Lib/Dem/Intelack type people identify themselves as Lib/Dem/Intelack people because such people are godless.   That is, and quite unknown to themselves, they are lacking the Virtue of Conscience, which enables the healthy individual to “see” good and evil in life, and to avoid evil.

So, with the Lib/Dem/Intelack type people demanding their delusional beliefs driven by mental illness deserve special treatment by normal people… good and normal people who are not insane refuse to embrace evil.  And these good and normal people are being savaged by gangs of mentally ill people, reinforced by the Lib/Dem/Intelack type people who are themselves soft on evil.

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All of this to set the stage for the following: The commandment by God for people who love the Lord is to not engage in evil in any way. And this means people who care about their Souls, must continue to resist the evil of LGBT, and to demand that mental health do what is necessary to provide the proper treatment for those in America whose MINDS are sexually conflicted. And do not let mentally ill people assume the role of oppressed people. They need proper help. And you need to protect your own Soul.

What does this mean?  It means that no one should be licensed as a Psychotherapist in America until and unless that person has completed his or her own program of Gestalt Psychotherapy. The nation desperately needs for good people to take back America.

Peace, Brother James


Most people have heard of the term “godless,” and many “think” they know what this term means.  But what I am about to share with you… is not generally known.

First of all, the term “godless” literally refers to someone whose Soul lacks a sufficient amount of Spirituality [which means Conscience], is quite vulnerable to evil. Unfortunately, this ‘fact’ is not known by the godless individual.   And I will address what Spirituality is, and how it is acquired in a moment. 

But first, I believe it is very important for the reader to realize that a person who is lacking  “Conscience” [which causes the person to be godless], has no idea that he or she is missing anything at all.  You see, those people who lack the Virtue of Conscience have no idea they are any different than anyone else.  In other words, they believe that everyone is just like themselves.

And the imp  thing for all of us to try and remember is this:  The person who is ‘godless’ cannot be identified by  simply looking at a person?  And the reason for this is that the condition of being ‘godless’ takes place entirely “Within” a person.  It is a condition that impacts a person’s Psychology, or how a person’s MIND operates… when the restraint of Conscience is missing?

Therefore, the person who is ‘godless’ is someone who lacks a sense of morality, which is the natural condition resulting from  a lack of Conscience.  The term often given to such a person, when that person is finally identified… is that of ‘sociopath,’ or a person who lacks emotional stability. But, again, such a person can be deviously clever, quite bright, and often very successful.

What causes a person to be like this?  What causes a person to be what I refer to as an “Intelack type personality” is that person’s Soul lacks Consciousness, which is another name for Spirituality.  Which means a lack of God, thus “godless”.  

In the Bible, it is stated quite clearly that there are people who are sons of God, and there are sons of Satan.  And those people who are sons of Satan are godless individuals, or Souls that do not have the Spirit of God within them. This then is the type of person who is godless.  And we can only tell who they are by what they do.  But the wise person will take note of what people do, not what they say.

Peace, Brother James