Excessive Cost of Education & what we can do about it?

I have always been an advocate for Community College. For a number of reasons, but primarily two:  It is still reasonable, and it allows a student to explore a great many alternative vocations.  No one needs an expensive four-year institution, except for those for whom the name of the institution is substituted for personal ability and  capability?

So, knock off first two years of excessive expense and what is left are two years of specialization, right?  Now, why not initiate a third form of education that offers students intensely interested in a subject with training and education by experts in those fields who volunteer their expertise, and receive  other than monetary compensation? An honorary degree, special thanks to volunteer’s Corporation, etc.

The point is, let us retire the old-fashioned idea that a tenured person remains forever viable. Many professors  quickly become more of a burden than innovative and current to the fields within which they are ho longer active.

Surely, a stipend paid for by a Corporation or Company with a semester off from full-time participation for selected top people would be a great charge-up for them, and a god-send to students anxious to learn what such people have to teach!  And this means any college or university engaged in such a program SHOULD BE ABLE TO GREATLY REDUCE THE COST OF EDUCATION… RIGHT?

What say you to my idea?  If you like it, share it with others.

Peace, Brother James


Some little known facts about the Democrat Personality…

The reason I feel obligated to share with others some important facts about the Democrat Personality is… my 35+years as an “Esoteric Psychotherapist”. That is, someone who studies and comes to understand what the MIND is, and how it works!  I refer to my work as “Esochology,” or a study of the MIND and Spiritual  dimensions operating ‘Within’ Man. Not everyone has been forced to discover the psychological factors that cause certain people to lack the ability to judge good versus evil?  But that is the primary and essential work of the competent Psychotherapist !

fourThat is, in order to explore one’s MIND, one must let go of the brain and thinking long enough to become lost in one’s own MIND… which is not part of one’s physical body.  The fact is, not everyone is meant to practice “Esoteric Psychology”.  If modern mental health realized this, a great deal less harm would be imposed on American citizens.  But that is another story.

What I discovered from within my own MIND is that each person has a Soul, and the Soul of each person possesses  a certain number of “Virtues” [or bits of Consciousness]! I label these virtues Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  And perhaps a way to describe these is that each comprises a certain level of Truth, or aspects of TRUTH, that we Souls acquire by “Completing Karma,” and.. what does this mean?  

A person, that is, the “Whole of a person,” has a choice to make each time he or she is confronted with something hurtful, painful, or agrivating? And how we deal with this event determines whether we complete a bit of Karma, or we resist that bit of Karma, and if we resist it, this guarantees that it must come around again to confront us?  You see the “secret” is… nothing happens to us unless it is supposed to happen to us… due to our doing the exact same thing sometime in the past.  And yes, this is a most difficult thing for a person in the West to believe.  And I understand if the reader resists this bit of truth.

My point is this… As a Soul Accepts Karma, and forgives the messenger, that Soul acquires “C’etc,” or my symbol for the Virtues of Life.  And this leads us to the two types of people on Earth. 1. The Intelack, and 2. The Enlightened person. The Enlightened Soul is one that has lived many lifetimes and has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc, or the Virtues of Life… which means a high level of Conscience, which means an ability to resist the evil desires of the MIND.

The Democrat type person is an Intelack type personality, or a Soul that is new or relatively new to the form of human being.  Being a Soul that is relatively new to the human form, the Soul of that person simply lacks sufficient C’etc to recognize, or resist evil, and in addition, lacks sufficient C’etc to realize the cost of lying, cheating, stealing, or engaging in negative activity requires a Soul to be re-educated in some Hell between lifetimes. Lacking this “re-education,” the MIND of the Democrat is simply more prone to engage in and even support the evil acts of others.

This then is the sad reality we human beings must deal with day in and day out. The wise person would make sure those who are Democrat, do not gain any position that tempts that person with money, or power!

Peace, Brother James

Open Letter to Christians United For Israel… RE: David’s Temple #3

Many years ago, Carl Jung used the term Synchronicity to apply to what he noticed as several people awakening to the same bit of Truth in diverse locations.   What he noticed was the fact that Truth is universally available all the time, and those awakening to it possess Souls that are “ready” to awaken to a particular bit of Truth.

Well, given the above, it is likely others, beside myself, may have awakened to a bit of Truth subtly offered within the presentation I watched on YouTube the other day?  And let me try to explain…

The host of the program [Watchman Episode #3], dealing with the recent discovery of King David’s Temple, in Jerusalem, was listening to his guide, who pointed out that a massive pond was located at the base of a very high stone staircase, going up several hundred feet.  The guide said that those who visited the Temple on certain times of the year  would likely be in the thousands, and that they were required to “cleanse” themselves before climbing the long stairway…

Well, that triggered something I had been writing in my new book,  just the day before.  That is, the fact that the Soul, before leaving the cycle of birth and death in and out of the Earth plane, would have to first spend a long time time clearing Karmic accounts that the MIND of that Soul had acquired over lifetimes. In other words, before the Soul could begin its “climb” up the Spiritual ladder, its MIND would have to be purged [cleansed] of enough Karmic debt [attachment] to allow the Soul to enter the Astral Region [thought to be the first Spiritual region by many].

A worldly example of this would be someone desiring to climb a mountain, and demanding that he be allowed to carry all his belongings with him…

And the method of cleansing is via “a specific Meditation given to certain Souls who are determined by God to be ready”.  And this bit of Knowledge is only known by those who have been exposed to Eastern Mysticism in some way, or whose Souls are Enlightened enough to recognize the Mystical “cleansing process” that begins with “special Meditation,” which is a necessary step in the Soul’s path back to God.

The MIND, in other words, in using the Soul’s Energy to create phenomena, subtly obligates the Soul to that phenomena.  So, the Soul must divest itself of the “attachments” to that phenomena, before it can leave the Earth Plane.

In other words, the pond, stairs, and ritual of cleansing are all symbolic of the  SPIRITUAL PROCESS REQUIRED OF EVERY SOUL THAT SEEKS TO LEAVE THE CYCLE OF BIRTH AND DEATH FOREVER.  And this “process” or Spiritual Practice was obviously KNOWN BY KING DAVID. Which means that Kind David knew of “the one universal method every Soul must use to return to God”.

My interpretation, of course, is not an intellectual one, but is based on over 40 years “meditation,” of a special nature.  And, because the symbols explained in the presentation were so powerful, I felt obligated to share what I saw in them.

Peace, Brother James



irredeemable | ˌi(r)rəˈdēməb(ə)l |
1 not able to be saved, improved, or corrected: so many irredeemable mistakes have been made.

So, who helps the irredeemable? That is, if the Soul is immortal, as Mystics suggest… Are we to conclude that some Souls are irredeemable, and thus forever lost? Such as the Souls that go to the Lake of Fire at the time of Armageddon?
My question is… Who helps the irredeemable Souls?

Wanted: Therapist for Irredeemable Souls.

redeem | rəˈdēm |
verb [with object]
1 compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something): a disappointing debate redeemed only by an outstanding speech | (as adjective redeeming) : the splendid views are the one redeeming feature of the center.
• (redeem oneself) do something that compensates for poor past performance or behavior: they redeemed themselves in the playoffs by pushing the Detroit Red Wings to a seventh and deciding game.
• (of a person) atone or make amends for (error or evil): the thief on the cross who by a single act redeemed a life of evil.
• save (someone) from sin, error, or evil: he was a sinner, redeemed by the grace of God.
Definition from my Acorn Dictionary

Redeemed by the Grace of God…?
Can one put a coat of paint over a corrupt form, and erase the corruption underneath the paint? Not very likely, is it? More likely, the paint will be corrupted by what it seeks to mask?
What is “the grace of God”? What does this mean?

For me, “the Grace of God” means “permission from God to change, and in changing, Redeem [or remove the corruption that was taken on by one’s Soul], and is inherent in the nature of the duality of Creation.
This would mean… I believe…That the immortality of the Soul cannot actually be sullied, but any form it animates is easily pulled into corruption by the illusion of Creation, whose reality is always illusory, and thus false.

So, are we missing an element of irredeemability that should suggest that even the seemingly irredeemable Soul can be redeemed if… The lost Soul is helped to rekindle the light that is inherent in that Soul?
I believe the secret of irredeemability is to discover the True nature of the Soul?

Peace, Brother James

Marijuana is a perfect example of the battle between Good and Evil… or how powerful is Greed in Intelack type people?

The basic challenge for every Soul, hidden within every person, comes down to the level of the Virtue of CONSCIENCE contained within the Soul of a person?  How much Conscience a Soul possesses WILL determine how that person perceives the use of Marijuana?  This choice is not an intellectual choice [although most people believe the choice is intellectual].  The choice is made by a person’s MIND that, due to a lack of “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], which is my symbol for the Virtues of Life we Souls are slowly acquiring by completing Karam over many, many lifetimes.   A lack of Conscience… is a lack of C’etc, which means a person is lacking the Virtues of Life.  My names for the Virtues of Life are:  Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  These Virtues form a person’s level of  Conscious Awareness, which I give the symbol “C-Awar”.  And if a person  lacks the Virtue of Conscience, chances are quite good that person also lacks the Virtue of Discretion as well.  And by lacking these important Virtues, a person is more prone to, or vulnerable to be controlled by his or her MIND [which is not the brain, but is a subtle energy body existing within Man that administers the Law of Karma from within Man]. 

Alas, modern mental health began denying the MIND of Man in the early 1900s, when a scientist [ignorant of Psychology] named B.F. Skinner, offered an Oxymoron he called “Behavioral Psychology” as a new way to study Man.  Unknown to himself, his new idea was simply a verbal statement of the factors by which the MIND of Man subtly controls what a person thinks and does.  I refer to this oxymoron, and those trained in it, by the symbol “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’].

And the MIND [symbol M], is the primary determinate in a person’s choice regarding Good and Evil in Life. A person will automatically chose evil over good if that person lacks the Virtues of Life which allow one to “see” what is good and what is evil?  So, those people who favor the harmful drug Marijuana choose this evil because they have insufficient experience [ a lack of C’etc], and therefore, they are unable to “see” beyond it’s ability to cause them to “feel good,” as it blocks their Conscious Awareness of their own Karmic pain.  When we block this Karmic pain, it WILL FIND OTHER WAYS IN WHICH TO CAUSE US PAIN AND SUFFERING.  Quite literally, no one avoids his or her Karma.

The Lord helps us experience our negative Karma in the least harmful way possible… however, if we refuse to accept this pain, then more painful ways of feeding us our negative Karma will be initiated.  Only a fool thinks that avoiding the pain of life is a good idea!

But, there are a great many Intelack type people on Earth who see drugs as a very good source of money.   It is sad there are not as many Enlightened people in America who  “see” taking drugs as harmful, and speak out loudly against it.

Peace, Brother James

How Psychology today contributes to the Deaths of Veterans…

And let us begin with a brief statement, and a simple challenge:

Challenge is to ask any mental health worker you know this question:

What is the MIND, and what does it do, and how does it do what it does?

The statement is this:  In the early 1900s, B.F. Skinner, a behavioral scientist, introduced the oxymoron “Behavioral Psychology”.  The essential purpose of “BP” was to eliminate the idea that Man has a MIND… quite apart from the brain.  In the following quote of Skinner, by Evans, Skinner refers to the MIND as:  “…the child of our past…”

quoteThe reason Skinner said this is that his own MIND [MIND can be researched here], was feeding the Left-Hemisphere of his brain Delusional Thinking [D-Think], that was intended to protect him from his own MIND which he [unknown to himself] feared intensely.

Skinner promised the field of “psychology” that if his idea was adopted, then no one would have to undergo a personal course of Psychotherapy any longer… since there was no MIND to be concerned about!  Therefore, the only thing people wanting to work in mental health needed to do is to ‘intellectually’ memorize a list of behavioral symptoms, and then look at a list of illnesses that certain behaviors  were thought to apply?  The person within whom a conflict of the MIND was active was then told that he or she had “this or that mental illness”…

adjective: mental
  1. 1.
    relating to the mind.pt-1
    “mental faculties”  The MIND consists of two subtle energy bodies existing within Man, neither of which  can be perceived by the brain.
    dot line

The  term MIND is NOT the brain, and the brain is a physical muscle confined to the inside of the skull:

human-brain-8265651dot line

And, after fitting the list of symptoms to a person’s self-diagosis… the”psychologist” “sees” the listing of illnesses, and then intellectually  tells a  person he or she has a such and such illness.  And then refers the person to a Psychiatrist [medical doctor] who  then prescribes a drug for that “illness”.  And low and behold… Intellectualism, the brain, and physical medicine was once again successful… in disguising a person’s actual MENTAL ILLNESS. 

The drug simply cuts off communication between the MIND of the person with his/her brain. So, as long as the person continues to take the drug, the thoughts are blocked from awareness… and the illusion that all is OK is maintained.

The fact that no one ever seems to be “CURED” is just never mentioned.  The fact that some of the SIDE-EFFECTS are much worse than the original problem is also never allowed to be related to either the drugs, the illness, or the failure of “MENTAL” health to properly deal with the emotional conflict of the MIND.

And… regarding Veterans, and the rising numbers of suicides by Veterans being “TREATED”!  Who is RESPONSIBLE for this situation?  I blame incompetent and improperly trained mental health professionals. And the reason I blame “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] is that modern mental health denies, ignores, and pretends the MIND of Man has nothing to do with PTSD.  When the FACT IS… the problem is entirely within the MIND [Mof the Veteran being improperly treated by a BS&bp trained mental health professional.

People trained in BS&bp [trained to ignore the MIND of Man]  are taught that they can “treat” a MENTAL problem using the brain and drugs.  Alas, the only thing they can do [quite unknown to themselves] is to mentally transfer their own deeply repressed fears to those of the Veteran, thus exacerbating the fear repressed within the MIND of the Veteran.  Convincing the MIND of the Veteran that yes, indeed, whatever is wrong with the Veteran… is frightening the mental health professional.  This leads to the MIND of the Veteran mistakenly assuming that the only option is suicide.  This is the natural result of someone treating a Veteran who is not properly trained to do so.  But, who cares, right?

As long as BS&bp is not exposed…

Peace, Brother James