What Does the Term “Mysticism” Mean?

In this offering of this blog… allow me to suggest that the average, normal, and typical dictionary definition for most of the terms used in my blogs will not suffice to define, nor to explain what the various terms mean!  I mean… the typical dictionary definition only defines a word using other words… as though doing so will actually “convey that the word being defined actually “stands for’?

Take for example, the the term Soul.  What is a Soul?  Where does it exist?  What does it do?  And can we experience the Soul by use of the brain and physical senses?

From Google, we get this definition for Soul:
noun: soul; plural noun: souls
  1. 1.
    the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

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This provides us words. Such as “spiritual,’ “immaterial,’ and ‘immortal’.   What do these words tell you about these words, or the term Soul, for which they serve as sign posts that point to Soul?  Even if we memorize these terms, and their meanings, how does that provide us  with an “Experiential Knowledge’ of the  Soul?

It does not do so, is the answer!  So, how does one come to experience one’s own Soul, and what is the “REASON” our brains and physical senses cannot do this for us?  The Reason is quite Mystical. That is, the Whole of Man consists of four entirely separate vibrational dimensions, each with its own reality. And only one of these, the Physical Universe, can be experienced by the brain.  And the simple reason for this is that the brain is itself physical.

CreationIn this sketch, the Soul is part of the “Spiritual Reality,” which is the “Primordial Existence,”  or what we refer to as “God,” or what the Bible describes as the “Void,” which is normally describved as empty, dark, or nothing.

Therefore the brain can only perceive that which is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by the brain and physical senses.  And this refers to one-quarter of the Whole Human Being, or WHB.

Or put another way… three-quarters of the Whole of Man are “Esoteric” dimensions of Man, or parts of the Whole of Man that the brain cannot perceive!   Esoteric just means ‘invisible’.

The term Mystic refers to someone who is able to use his or her faculty of Intuition to experience the invisible elements of Life.  The term Mysticism is the process by which a Mystic does this.  And, the reason the Mystic is able to do this is that the Mystic is “Enlightened”!  But what does Enlightened mean?  Well, we will discuss that in our next blog.

Peace, Brother James



Why Are Some People Liberal, and others are Conservative?

The labels “Liberal” and “Conservative” are just labels.  They tell us nothing about the people we apply those labels to.  What we really need to know is WHAT CAUSES a  person to be one or the other?  And, unfortunately, what “causes” a person to be one or the other is unknown to each of them?

But let us not be discouraged by these people not KNOWING the reason they are one or the other?  People are who they are whether they know the reason or not?  It is quite sufficient for us to KNOW the Reason a person is either a “Liberal,” or a “Conservative”… even though they may not have a clue themselves? But discovering that “reason” is not easy to comprehend?

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A The physical brain will never experience three-quarters of the Whole of Man.

This means that the two levels of the MIND, and the Spiritual Dimension “Within” Man, are composed of energies whose vibrations are permanently invisible to the brain and physical senses!  Basic fact of Life.

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So, when educators suggest that use of the brain and thinking is the highest calling a human being can achieve… they are quite mistaken!  Each human being has a faculty of “Intuition” [which is part of ones Spiritual Dimension].  And it is ones faculty of Intuition that allows one to KNOW bits of Truth that ones Soul has acquired, that neither the brain nor the MIND can perceive.

Intuition And Intuition, being a part of ones Spiritual Dimension, uniquely can enter any of the dimensions which make-up the whole of Man, and can experience what is there to KNOW, and then carry that to what I refer to as ones “Conscious Awareness,” or “C-Awar,” which is what Renee Descartes was searching for when he settled for:  “I think, therefore, I am”. Descartes was searching for the “Self” of Man.

The Mystical mechanics of how the Esoteric dimensions operate “Within” Man are fascinating, but they take a very long time to discover.  Suffice it to say that what this blog is stating is that intelligence has nothing to do with Consciousness.  And it is a person’s level of Consciousness that determines whether one is a “Liberal” or a “Conservative”?  Do not expect this single blog to explain what is a most complex and multi-dimensional phenomena in Man…

The “secret” of this blog is this:  The brain can think, and it can “know” things of this physical dimension.  But it is quite useless when it comes to discovering the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions “Within” the Whole of Man, which must be Intuited as bits of Truth… only available to the Soul.  The Conservative is a Conservative due to the Soul of the Conservative possessing more access to Knowledge [which is not information… which the brain is limited to].  Knowledge = bits of Truth = the Spiritual Dimension, which requires the use of  Intuition.

Peace, Brother James

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In this series, I will take a very long life full of discovering  bits of [Mystical Truths] and do my best to convey them in ways a young person can relate to, make use of, and thus, increase his or her store of  Enlightenment.

In this way, I hope to contribute in some small way to a better understanding of what causes so much conflict and confusion in the world, and to accomplish this, I count on the Youth of the World [and those who are young at heart]!

With that brief introduction, let us begin exposing the “secrets” that the Saints and Mystics would encourage us to discover and put to our own use and benefit!

Peace, Brother James

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Today… this question is a question the nation needs to answer as soon as possible… so that the nation is not thrust into a civil war… to benefit some truly “insane” people who just happen to be quite wealthy [and many of these people do not even live in America!].  People like George Sorus, for example.

The label for these people [and those who follow and support them], is “One-World Order adherents”.  These people all share one thing in common.  They are all long on Intellectualism, and short on “Consciousness”.  And, what does this mean? Right?

Well, to explain what “causes” these people to be like they are can be  related to environment, or family, or education [to a degree]. But only to a degree.  The primary “reason” these people think like they do is the fact their Souls are immature, which means their MINDs are in a dominate position in their lives.

The reason this is a problem is that the “MIND” “Within” Man [which I refer to as the symbol M], is invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the Mof Man is the “evil” part of the old saying that life is a struggle between good and evil [and it is the M“Within” Man that supports evil]… or negative Karma.

In other words, a certain class of people on Earth are “Psychologically” disposed to think and behave in certain ways… which always results in negativity, but these people “think” that what they propose, and what they seek to accomplish, will benefit Man.   I refer to such people as being “Domiphobic type individuals”.  And, of course, the Psychology of these people is fully non-conscious to them.  That is, they cannot perceive what causes them to think and behave in the way in which they behave?  What drives them to think and act like they do is hidden “Within” the MIND [my symbol M], which does not refer to, nor does it mean the brain, or any part of the physical dimension of a person.

So, what causes a person to engage in thoughts, ideas, desires, and to demand that the whole of mankind do and think just as he or she does… is a very subtle mental illness, which is the natural result of a “dominant MIND” controlling a Soul that is not Enlightened enough to resist, or push back against that MIND [ or M]!

One name for such a person is the label “Progressive”.  This term suggests one is for progress, and advancement of mankind. The problem is, the whole of history has clearly demonstrated that Socialism, Communism, and Marxism destroys the lives of people.  The reason for this is that the Domiphobic type personality “thinks” the way he/she does because the Soul of that person does not possess a sufficient level of “Consciousness” to resist and push back against that person’s MIND or M!

This gives the reader a gist of what this blog will seek to explain in ways that will hopefully clarify the workings of the Psychology of the Whole Human Being.

Peace, Brother James



PURPOSE?  To fund a Gestalt Training Facility, for the express purpose of training a dozen Gestalt Psychotherapists who would form the Core of the next step in [returning to] the PSYCHOLOGY given to the world by the ancient Greeks some 2,000 years ago. 

REASON?  The reason is simple, but not widely known.  Today, not one in a thousand professionals in psychology or mental health can tell you what the MIND of Man is?  And since all mental problems are due to the MIND of Man, not knowing what the MIND is, where it is, and how it works, IS A PROBLEM!

EXAMPLE:  One example of the problem we have in the entire field of mental health today is the reason thousands of Veterans are committing suicide?  They are committing suicide because they are receiving treatment that actually exacerbates the mental conflict they are experiencing.  They are receiving the WRONG treatment by people who are not properly trained!  Why is this allowed, you might ask?  Well, who is in charge of mental health today? THAT IS THE PROBLEM!  Intellectualism will never produce a competent therapist.

BUT PROVE THIS FOR YOURSELF:  Ask any licensed mental health expert this question:  “What is the MIND, and how does it operate?”  He or she will tell you one of two things: 1. “They” almost have the mind conquered by the use of drugs”.  2.  They are very close to discovering the MIND, but they need more funding with which to cut the brain into smaller pieces as they search for the MIND [which is not physical]…

Who am I to be trusted with financial support? Alas, nobody of note.  If you would like to read what I have written over the last 30 years:  Try this.

I would be more than pleased to answer any questions, or even conduct a seminar, or provide free therapy if that would help?

I do not expect this latest request for help will provide the help needed, but as I am getting older, I thought I should give it one more try.  I am ready, willing and more than able to establish, design, and supervise the remodeling or construction of a facility to teach volunteers how to become Gestalt Psychotherapists.  And I have taught therapists in the past.  But, never having been much interested in money, other than what it takes to live, I am useless in the area of finances.  My interest is in the MIND of Man, and how to properly treat those whose MINDs are in conflict?

If this request finds an interested person, do not hesitate to contact me: esominder@yahoo.com, or esodoc@gmail, and put Gestalt in the subject box. 

Brother James

Warning to All Parents around the World: RE: Pedophilia Arrests… & the danger of INFECTION OF CHILDREN.

What I am about to say is very important, although it is not known by modern mental health [or “BS&bp” (Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’], which is the reason Pedophilia became such a problem!  It is also the reason the mental health condition of Homosexuality has  now reached epidemic proportions!  Fear and ignorance prevalent in mental health, psychology, and psychiatry today regarding the MIND… is directly responsible for Pedophilia, Homosexuality, and the hysterical conditions of LGBT around the world today.

I was listening to news of the round-up of sexual predators, perverts, and pedophiles from all around the world on You-Tube yesterday, and it struck me that I should do a blog for the parents of the thousands of children who have been psychologically damaged [infected by] the mentally ill pedophiles  whose insane mental illness  has seriously INFECTED thousands of young people from around the world.

It is the great ignorance of the MIND of Man among those in mental health today that is responsible for the growth of the infectious disease of sexual perversion in the world today.  Sexual perversion is a mental illness that is also highly infectious to adolescents whose MINDs are particularly vulnerable to being mentally [often permanently] damaged by mentally ill adults.

THE FACT IS… What drives the adult sexual pervert is his or her MIND, which is a subtle energy body within Man [all of mankind].  The part of the MIND that is vulnerable to “infection” are deeply repressed misperceptions taken-on by our MINDs at the time of birth. These have to do with one’s sexual identity… which is common in most adolescent children.

When a Pedophile,  Homosexual, or other sexually  conflicted person molests a child, the MIND of the child converts that physical abuse  into a psychological [which means non-conscious] belief that for some reason the child “DESERVES” to be abused sexually.  If this deeply repressed belief is not quickly addressed by COMPETENT PSYCHOTHERAPY, that child remains an easy prey for sexual predators.  And once fully infected, that child becomes a sexual predator itself.  This is the infectious nature of sexually conflicted MINDs as they prey upon vulnerable children.

What can a parent do?  Ideally, carefully monitor your child, and if your child becomes withdrawn, or begins to act-out in sexually provocative ways, or begins to ask pointed questions regarding his or her sexuality, seek out the help of a COMPETENT Psychotherapist.  Alas,  due to the century long take-over of mental health by people who have no idea what the MIND is [and actually deny the MIND],  following the ignorant advice of  B. F. Skinner, in the early 1900s, there are very few competent professionals in the field of mental health today.  So, the task for a parent is quite difficult.

And for heavens sake, do not take your child to a Homosexual mental health worker, since mentally ill people are licensed today to “treat” children… if you can believe it?  This is how degenerate the field has become!

If you happen to know someone who is naturally psychic, or a mother who is particularly empathetic, or a sensitive Gestalt Psychotherapist, then seek the advice of those people, pray, and hope for the best. But one thing for sure… do not let anyone who is suffering from a sexually conflicted MIND near your child. Sexually conflicted people “think” they are OK, and this denial of their illness is normal for them. That BS&bp agrees with this delusional thinking is a great problem in the world today.

Peace, Brother James