Would that mean we need to discover the Purpose of Life in a way other than  thinking?  But what way would that be?

dot lineEver hear about “Intuition”?

Many people have heard the term Intuition… but how many can tell you what it actually means?  The dictionary says this”

Intuitive | Definition of Intuitive by Merriam-Webster

English Language Learners Definition of intuitive : having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence
But this definition leaves a great deal of unknown, does it not?  But then, what if Intuition was a part of your Spiritual Dimension and your Spiritual Dimension was invisible to your brain?  And the reason is that your brain is physical, like this: human-brain-8265651While your Spiritual Dimension is invisible, like this:
”                            “
We can’t see what is invisible to us, can we?  Even though that which is invisible to the brain and physical senses, like the MIND and the Spiritual Dimension, actually exist, but the physical brain just can’t see these things.  The question is… How come?  And the answer is simple, but it  is rarely mentioned in our education.  Every single thing in the Creation has a vibration unique to itself.   But the only range of energy the brain and physical senses can perceive is the physical range of energies.  But the Whole of Man is composed of four separate energy dimensions.
= ManThe Astral Region is represented in Man by what we refer to as the Lower MIND.  The Causal Region is represented in Man by what we refer to as the Higher MIND. So #1 is the physical dimension. #2 is the Astral Dimension, and #3 is the Causal Dimension, and #4 is the Spiritual Dimension.  But ONLY #1  is what we can see and think about, and what science is interested in.  And what “behavioral psychology” confines itself to.
     11aSo, although the Whole of Man  includes #2, #3, and #4… 2, 3, and 4 are all invisible to us, and also invisible to those people who are limited to the use of their brains in the exploration of Reality!  But #2, #3, and #4  are not invisible to the faculty of Intuition!  And your faculty of Intuition is an aspect of your Soul, and Intuition gives you the capacity of “experiencing” all four dimensions of Man.  Did I mention that use of Intuition is a natural thing for the Enlightened individual to do?  It is one of the perks obtained by people who have been able to raise their level of Consciousness high enough “Within” themselves to begin to Intuit bits of Truth.
And, don’t be envious, get to work on developing your own faculty of Intuition. How does one do that?  Well, let’s discuss that in our next blog.
Peace, 1-Brother James

Is Truth available on the physical plane? The answer will surprise you…

Any idea why philosophy has failed to “find” the Truth?  Because, believe it or not, the Truth does not exist on the Physical plane… Nor the MIND Realm.

1-Whole of ManNote that the physical plane is #4. And that the MIND realm is composed of #2 and #3.  And the Spiritual Dimension is #1. And you may not have seen the Whole of Man, and existence displayed in this way before?  And the reason is that in the West, #’s 1, 2, and 3 are pretty much ignored. And, please note all the white paper upon which this sketch resides.  This white paper represents what I refer to as “NSgy,” or Neutral Spiritual Energy, which I believe is the primordial Energy of Existence.  That is, God.

See this? human-brain-8265651This is the physical brain, and it is a muscle located in the skull.  It is part of #4, and #4 includes the physical body which ONLY exists on the Physical plane. But the physical plane [or Physical Universe] is pretty large. So large in fact that science does not actually know where the end of it is?

Some Mystic once said… If the entire Physical Universe was placed within the Astral Region [#3, also the Lower MIND],  it would be the size of the head of a pin in the Astral Region.  Can you think of what this means?  Most people can’t begin to imagine such a thing?  I mean, we don’t even know where the end of the Physical Universe is… how do we “imagine” something much larger than the Physical Universe?  And yet, science actually expects to find Truth hiding somewhere in the Physical Universe by use of a microscope.  Or hidden in some hole in the ground?

The question is, or should be… What is Truth ? Do we not need to Know this, before we go looking for it?  Well, I view Truth as that which is permanent, and unable to change. Have you noticed that everything you can see on this physical plane is subject to change?  And if we take my belief that Truth does not change, and we place that against the fact that everything on this physical plane is subject to change… do we not have to conclude that Truth is not something we are likely to find on this physical plane?  That is pretty simple, isn’t it?

So, what else is Truth?  I believe that Truth is not speculative, but is the end result of exhausting all possibilities appertaining to something.  And what is left is then the Truth of that thing.  I also believe that Truth leads to Knowledge, and that Knowledge has or possesses the same characteristics as that of Truth.  That is, if one possesses a bit of Truth, then one has eliminated all the possible aspects of that bit of Truth, which leaves one with something that is permanent and unchanging.  And now another surprise:  The Law of Karma was designed by God to help we Souls discover the Truth by exploring and experiencing all the elements of things that are not Truth? 

Does that mean I am saying that life is a process of engaging in the experience of things to eliminate all the elements of those things that are subject to change?  That’s about it.  Isn’t that strange, when one puts it that way? 

And I hope that helps you accept the fact that Truth cannot be found on this physical plane, because if we find something on this plane, it has to be subject to change, right?  Otherwise it would not be on this physical plane, it would be on plane #1, or the Spiritual Dimension, along with the Soul. So, where does Truth exist?  Well, it exists on the same plane as that of Knowledge, which exists only on the Spiritual Dimension, which is the Dimension of the Soul.

And, therefore, the only way we can find Truth is to find a way to explore the Spiritual Dimension… Which requires use of our “Intuition“.  And that is a story for another blog.

Peace, 1-Brother James


Allow me to try and explain what is wrong with drugs and feeding them to Veterans!

This is an illustration of the brain:  human-brain-8265651The brain is a physical muscle located in the skull.  And yes, the “mental” message from the MIND to the brain can be short-circuited by the use of drugs. HOWEVER… The MIND, as illustrated in the following sketch, is not physical:

= Man#1 is the physical body of the Vet, and this includes the brain.  The MIND is composed of #2, the Lower MIND, and #3, the Higher MIND. Neither #2, nor #3 is physical, tangible, and thus, neither is vulnerable to the use of drugs.  What a drug does is interfere in the subtle “mental” message from the MIND to the brain.  I refer to this communication as “Delusional Thinking,” or “D-Think”.

When the MIND is prevented from sending its message to the brain  [when a drug is introduced to the brain], this will appear as though the drug is “dealing” with the problem of PTSD.  But the PROBLEM OF PTSD…  is not the crazy thoughts and actions [which are symptoms], the PROBLEM of PTSD exists “Within” the MIND of the Veteran, as explained in the previous blog.

When the MIND is unable to “vent” the negative thoughts being generated by the deeply repressed trauma hidden “Within” the MIND of the Vet, the MIND will  feed the negative emotional energy to a physical part of the body where a natural weakness exists.  This is not seen by medicine as related to the use of drugs to interfere in the communication between the MIND [which medicine ignores] and the brain “physical body”.  As soon as the Vet stops using the Drugs, the crazy thoughts will begin again, but even stronger and worse than before… because by using drugs, the MIND of the Vet has been convinced that the PROBLEM with the Vet is something physical.  That is, the misperception of the MIND is exacerbated by the ignorance of the psychologist or psychiatrist in not KNOWING that the proper TREATMENT  of PTSD is not drugs, or something physical… but is “MENTAL”!  THE WORD “MENTAL” REFERS TO THE MIND!

AGAIN… in the early 1900s, B.F. Skinner, a scientist who fancied himself as knowing something about “psychology” [observed animals and then speculated as to what in their environment might be causing them to act as they did], projected his mistaken ideas upon Man.  In other words, Skinner suffered from “Intellectualism,” which is a common malady of intellectual individuals who possess a high IQ, but very little Consciousness.  Consciousness = Knowledge.

In the US, and the West in particular, people who possess a high IQ often, or routinely “think” that the person who possesses a high level of information is also someone who possesses Knowledge!  Knowledge is quite different from information.  Knowledge consists of bits of Truth that a person’s Soul has acquired over many, many lifetimes.  And Knowledge is fed to one’s Conscious Awareness via one’s faculty of Intuition.  We often speak of Knowledge as Enlightenment.  Enlightenment is simply the possession of a large body of bits of Truth that enables a person to resist the desires of his or her MIND.

After a century of “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral pschology”], the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry are now headed by people who are quite intellectual. Alas, they have no way of Knowing that deep “Within” the MIND of each is an intense fear of what is hidden “Within” the MIND of each? And since the brain cannot perceive the energy of the MIND, their MINDs feed D-Think to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains that convinces them that there is nothing at all they cannot know by use of the brain.

So, we have very intelligent people thinking they are studying the Whole Human Being by use of the brain, when three-quarters of Man cannot be KNOWN by the brain.  And of course BS&bp ignores the MIND entirely.  Because Skinner ignored the MIND entirely.  And so, very bright people are receiving piles of money to feed drugs to Veterans, thus compounding the mistaken beliefs of the Veterans that something awful is wrong with them!

When the TRUTH is… the only thing wrong with the Veteran is the failure of modern mental health to properly deal with a “mental” [which means MIND] problem that [in most cases] PROPER GESTALT PSYCHOTHERAPY CAN READILY CURE.  Knowledge is a very powerful thing.  Too bad it is so frightening to so many intellectuals.

Peace, 1-Brother James

Open Letter to President Trump… or someone who can get this to him…

I just watched your statements regarding your new Executive Order, regarding Veterans.  In your statement you said:  “Mental Health Care”.  I have a few questions you might ask yourself, and those trying to stop twenty thousand Veterans from committing suicide every day!

A.  What is the MIND?  Since all [ALL] mental conflicts are due to the MIND!

B.  How many of those seeking to “help” Veterans KNOW what the MIND is? I believe less than one in a thousand know what the MIND is ?  But do not take my word for this.  Ask any psychologist you can find what the MIND is?  And see if I am not correct?

The MIND is Esoteric. That is, invisible to the brain and physical senses.   This is the reason the ancient Greeks used the term Psyche for Psychology. Psyche  is Greek, and it means Self, Soul and MIND.  And Self, Soul, and MIND were meant to be what Psychology was meant to study and focus on.  And it was, more or less, for 2,000 years… until the early 1900s.

In the early 1900s, a scientist named B.F. Skinner, and some colleagues, were involved in watching animals, and then intellectually speculating as to what in the environment would cause them to behave in certain ways?  Skinner called what he did “behavioral psychology”.

0 line This book is about Skinner:

B.F. Skinner:  The Man and His Ideas. By Richard I Evans, published by E.P. Dutton & Co., 1968.  In which Skinner is quoted as saying:

but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.

0 line

Skinner’s point was that there is no MIND within Man.  This was his own MIND feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of his brain.  Which is the common way in which the MIND directs a person’s thinking, beliefs, and assumptions.  You see, Skinner was quite ignorant of Psychology. He was not trained in Psychology, nor had he experienced the process of Psychotherapy, which, when conducted by a COMPETENT PSYCHOTHERAPIST, can help a person get in touch with deeply repressed “misperceptions” held within that person’s MIND.

ABOUT PTSD:  What happens when a person in combat experiences a strong emotional event is this:  Some deeply repressed trauma within that person’s MIND gets stimulated, and becomes confused with the current emotional event the person is experiencing.  When free of the emotional event, the event is over, but the stimulated trauma hidden within that person’s MIND is still quite active.  But no part the repressed trauma was ever part of that persons conscious awareness.  And elements of the repressed trauma become a part of the cerebral [brain-level] memory of that person, but since the repressed trauma has nothing to do with the remembered event… the person is quite confused!  And the repressed emotion seeks to be resolved, but no part of it is part of the memory of the brain of that person.  But the MIND keeps trying to get the person to resolve the repressed emotion that the person has no memory of at all?

So, when the “professional” mental health worker speaks to the Veteran… and expects that the Veteran just needs to “talk” about the military “event,” but the Veteran states emotional needs that have nothing to do with the military event, the mental health “professional” is stumped… but can’t admit this, of course.

What the “professional” does not KNOW, and has not been trained to KNOW is… that the MIND of the Professional becomes frightened by the intensity of fear within the MIND of the Veteran, and at a non-conscious level of “mental” communication the MIND of the professional sends out a mental message to the MIND of the Veteran that the professional is also afraid of whatever the Veteran is afraid of?  And what this does [quite unknown to both] is that it intensifies and exacerbates the intensity of the fear within the MIND of the Veteran.

This fear then quickly reaches a level of intensity within the Veteran that really frightens him or her so that the only alternative seems to be suicide.  The only way to reduce this fear is to do so from “Within” the MIND of the Veteran. The question, of course, is… how does one do this?  And this is where the training of a certain kind of person in Gestalt Psychotherapy, which includes traveling within the MIND realm…  prepares such a person for helping others find a way  into their own MIND realms where the original trauma [behind whatever conflict they are experiencing] can be discovered and eliminated via deep emotional catharsis.  Obviously this is not something everyone is capable of doing. But there are people who can be fairly quickly trained to do this.

At least I have tried to do what I could to help the many Vets who need this help.

Peace, 1-Brother James

This new blog…will share bits of Truth [about Psychology] that are not part of modern psychology…

And feel free to ask questions you might have… by responding at the end of each blog.  No names will be used, of course…

Today, let’s begin with a really easy bit of Truth. The brain is not the MIND. And in my work, I use the symbol Mto stand for the MIND.  I do this because modern mental health tends to use the terms brain and MIND interchangeably, which is both confusing, and misleading.  Only someone who is ignorant of the MIND would refer to it as the brain.  This is the brain:

human-brain-8265651Which is a physical muscle located in the skull.  And it has nothing at all to do with the MIND, except unknown to the brain, the Mfeeds Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain which causes the brain to Think that it operates entirely on it’s own.  Sadly, this is a mistaken notion.

The MIND can be illustrated this way: = ManAnd the Mis comprised of #2 and #3.  #2 is the Lower MIND [the Astral Region of Creation], and #3 is the Higher MIND [the Causal Region of Creation].

Obviously, the MIND is invisible to us, and it is responsible for making sure that we adhere to the Fate Karma we came into this physical plane to work on, and hopefully complete this lifetime?

Peace, 1-Brother James    And remember:  11a-1

Let Us Begin With A Question: Can the brain “experience” Psychology?

logo copy 2  The answer is… NO!  The brain can receive and remember words, pictures, and other types of physical phenomena, but that which the term Psychology refers to is not physical.  What causes a person’s Psychology is “Mental”.  And the term “Mental” refers to the “MIND”.  And no part of the MIND is physical.  How about that?

This is an illustration of the brain: arrow right human-brain-8265651And the brain is a large physical muscle located in the skull.  What the brain is not… is the MIND.  But modern mental health [or what I refer to as “BS&bp” which means Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], does not deal with the MIND of Man, but prefers to pretend that the MIND of Man is hidden somewhere in the brain.  This is the reason BS&bp continues to spend millions of tax dollars every year cutting the brain into smaller and smaller pieces, in hopes of finding the MIND [which is not physical], hidden somewhere in the brain.  How modern mental health, or BS&bp views the MIND is like this:

dot line MIND -1

The first scientist confined to Intellectualism to discount the MIND of Man was B.F. Skinner, in the early 1900s.  He is quoted by quoteIn this quote, Skinner speaks of the MIND as “the child of our past,’ as he tried  to ridicule the concept of the MIND because he was afraid to admit that he had no idea what the MIND was!

Today, a century later, the denial of Skinner has become mainstream mental health in America.  And this has resulted in a great deal of pain and suffering for Americans, and for the world at large.  Today Intellectualism controls both the field of “psychology” and that of mental health.  If you have wondered about the increasing incidence of suicide by young people and Veterans in America, the reason is the ignorance of mental health regarding the MIND of Man.  The fact is… all mental conflict a person can experience is due to a person’s MIND.  In other words, all forms of conflicted mental health is due entirely to a person’s MIND.

And no, there is no way to deal with the MIND by intellectual means.  So, if your “mental” health expert does not know precisely what the MIND is, and how it operates, then you are on thin ice, and you must question everything you are told.  Since most of it will be B.S.

In future blogs, I will endeavor to speak to the issues of mental health, and how these need to be treated?  Is this a matter of too little too late? Yes, but it will perhaps be helpful to some people?

Peace, 1-Brother James

WHAT IS WRONG WITH POT? More than you could imagine!

I suspect the reader can imagine those pushing pot have a vested interest in the drug called Cannabis, or “marajuana” being legalized… and that interest is “psychological”… and this is what I wish to address.

Cannabis…[from DuckDuckGo]


Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant intended for medical or recreational use. The main psychoactive part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, one of 483 known compounds in the plant, including at least 65 other cannabinoids. Cannabis can be used by smoking, vaporizing, within food, or as an extract.More at Wikipedia
That is… I wish to discuss the more hideously evil aspects of this drug that are not being discussed, mentioned, nor considered.  And these aspects are the psychological dimensions of the drug.
Let us quickly take a look at the whole human being:
= Man#1 is the physical body, brain and physical senses. #2 is the Lower MIND, and #3 is the Higher MIND, and #4 is the Spiritual Dimension [or the Soul of Man]. When one thinks, one is using the brain. What we are not taught is that the brain is ONLY physical.  That is, the brain of Man has no control over the MIND of Man.  On the other hand, the MIND can cause the brain to “think’ whatever it wants the brain to think… by simply feeding Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain.
How it it you don’t know this?  You don’t know this because modern mental health began denying and ignoring the MIND of Man in the early 1900s.  This was due to the influence of B.F. Skinner, a scientist who mistakenly thought he knew what Psychology was…  because he was stuck in Intellectualism, and his own MIND fed this mistaken notion to his brain [which supported his Ego, and his lack of understanding of the Esoteric dimensions of Man].  He was not aware of  the diagram above, in other words.
You see, the Whole Human  Being is composed of four separate dimensions, each with its own vibrational reality, or range of energies.  This means that three-quarters of the Whole of oneself are invisible to the brain and physical senses.  And this means that we cannot “think” our way to the MIND hidden ‘within” us.  And what has this to do with pot?  Quite a lot, actually. 
The serious impact of Pot takes place at levels we can neither see, nor deal with by physical means.  That which we can experience at a conscious level, like feeling relaxed, for instance, is the drug of Pot interfering with the normal communication between one’s nervous system and one’s brain.  In doing this, we are not aware of the number of  brain cells the drug is destroying in order to provide us with this “relaxed” state of being.
You see, or most likely you do not see… that the lack of anxiety, worry, concern, or simply being “up tight” that a person “normally” experiences is simply one’s MIND feeding the Left-Hemisphere of one’s brain D-Think that causes one to “feel” these labels of experience.  And the reason for this is the Law of Karma, which operates from “Within” one’s MIND.  We are, in other words, a most complex and involved organism.  And we “think” that  Pot causing us to not be able to communicate with ourselves  is a good thing.  Well, it is not a good thing, it is actually a really bad thing.  But I doubt many will agree with me, unless they know more about what is going on “Within” themselves?
The Purpose of Life is for we Souls to explore and experience Life.  Not for the ‘fun of it,,” but for us to gain Knowledge and Wisdom.  And, every pain we experience is part of our growth process.  Again, not something most people would agree with, without a deeper understanding of the Mystical Reality of Life.  Each of us is, as I said, a most complex organism, and Reality is constantly taking place “Within” and around us all the time:  However, most of this Reality is taking place at levels we can neither see nor think about!
Actually, to experience these realms as a Whole is limited to those among us who are quite Enlightened Souls.  We refer to these individuals as Saints and Mystics.  And each Soul [whether this is known to a Soul or not] is a part of this process. The more Enlightened one is [ which means the more Consciousness one’s Soul possesses], the more aware one is that this mostly secret process is taking place.  And this means that we are people who are divided by the level of Consciousness each person has acquired?  But, how many are aware of this?
D vs R Every human being “fits” within this illustration some place.  Some are very far Left or Right, and most are likely toward the middle somewhere?  But those on the Left are the people who want Pot usage increased, while those on the Right realize how dangerous doing so is for everyone.  It takes as much concentration as a person can muster to resist evil.  When one uses Pot, or some other drug, one is destroying the very memory one’s Soul has placed in the brain cells that help one resist evil.  Pot and most drugs destroy brain cells… and one is not even aware just how hard one has worked, over many  lifetimes, to acquire this limited ability to resist the evil desires of one’s MIND.  Such a tragic thing to do.
The physical realm cannot perceive the Mental realm, and the Mental realm cannot perceive the Spiritual realm.  And yet, each has a part to play in the Whole of Man,  We discount or ignore three-quarters of ourselves at a very great cost to ourselves in pain and suffering.  And when a culture fails to teach its young about the waste of hard-earned Consciousness they throw away by using drugs, that culture is committing a form of suicide.
If parents actually loved their children, they would teach their children the terrible waste of goodness they are throwing away when they serve an evil MIND’s desire for drugs.  No one escapes the Law of Karma. Every negative act creates a Karmic Due Bill that must come back to oneself in some lifetime.  And yes, all Souls routinely Reincarnate into one form of life or another, depending upon the Fate Karma a Soul must face in this lifetime?
I can only try to point to a Reality that many cannot perceive.  But eventually, all will come to “see” what a terrible thing is being done to young people by Phobic-D type individuals.  
Peace, 1-Brother James