What Does Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen… actually mean?

Let us just pose a question to ourselves?  Of the about six billion people on Earth today, how many follow some religion… as opposed to those who are Atheist, Agnostic, or simply do not care about whether there is a God or not?

The number of people around the world who pursue some kind of religion probably registers at least a-third of six billion.  That means there are about two billion people, more or less, who pursue God in some way.  And this number then represents the “Many are Called” part of the familiar saying.  What I wonder is how many of the two billion are actually chosen?

Personally, I believe that Islam, since it teaches its followers to hate, murder, and mutilate other human beings… is not likely among those who will be ‘chosen”. That then reduces the number to be chosen by about a billion.  That leaves about a billion, or one in six people on Earth, who still have a chance to be chosen… if they are sincere in their Faith?

Of that billion, how many, do you suppose “KNOW” what the criteria might be, for being chosen? I suspect the number would be considerably less than a billion.  For that matter, I wonder how many actually “know” what is required?  Do you know where the list is posted that specifies the criteria for being “chosen”?  I am unaware of this list myself.

I have been following a Spiritual Path for over 40 years, and I have given two hours every morning to meditation, focusing intently upon God.  I am a Vegetarian, and I do not smoke, or drink alcohol, and I have been celibate for 30 years.  And I do not believe I will be chosen.  So, I wonder what the criteria for being chosen might be?

My very best wishes goes out to those who may be chosen, and my encouragement to them to maintain what they are doing,  since the End Time is approaching quite rapidly now.

Peace, Brother James



When The Head Fills with Trash

In looking over the Tweets this a.m., I am pulled down just a bit.

And I have to pull back a ways and re-group myselves, into reminding mySelf what is true, and what is false?

It is natural to be pulled down by the sadness, frustration and fear of others. The thing is… is that what you want to experience yourself, or have you forgotten what it is like to be at Peace and Content Within yourself?

It might seem selfish to feel OK, or even upbeat when all around you are glum and despondent… but… let us consider the following:

Life is an illusion that seems real. This is a fact, regardless what you may think otherwise.  And, oddly enough, your Soul [with MIND attached] is the only part of you that is not part of the illusion.  Let’s see, that’s about 10% Real,, and 90% illusion.  So, when you get down, where is your attention?

It’s in the illusion part of yourself, right?

Question then is this… How do you get yourself back into the 10% that is Real?  By taking a few minutes for yourself, and remembering these few lines:

I am a Soul, and my Father is God, who awaits me patiently. And I am on Earth to do my Karma, and to remember who I am? Which is a Soul that is only here doing my Karma.  I must not get lost in nonsense while I forget who I am. Look in the mirror, into your eyes, and in the center of the black part of your eyes is an invisible God, looking back at you.

Smile Soul, your Father is looking at you.

Peace, Brother James

A New Format, and the same message…

I am very pleased to be able to offer these posts regarding the education of all citizens of America, and especially our youth.  I want to thank WordPress for providing me this format.

Somehow we, as a nation… went very, very wrong in the early 1900s, and the emotional, mental, and Spiritual dimensions of Man were slowly set aside… while the brain and physical elements of Man  were raised to a very high status, and that same worshiping of the brain continues today.

The term “Intellectualism” is defined as focusing on the brain and thinking while avoiding and ignoring the emotional aspects of Man.  The reason this is done is not to improve the intellect, it is actually done because those who confine themselves to the brain and thinking  [unknowingly] do so because their MINDs do not trust them to be exposed to the emotional traumata their MINDs hold hidden “Within” them.

So, rather than take a chance that these people might use the stimulation of various negative emotions within themselves as a way to get in touch with those emotions being hidden “Within” their MINDs… the MIND diverts the attention of a person by feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain of adults, and directly to the MINDs of children.   You see, if they became aware of the deeply repressed emotions hidden within their MINDs, their MINDs would lose a subtle  control over them.   That is, their MINDs  could no longer threaten to expose the “monsters” these people unknowingly misperceive themselves to be!    This fully non-conscious fear exists hidden deep “Within” many individuals in the world today.  And this basic misperception is taken-on by most children at the time of birth.

It is unfortunately quite natural for babies to take-on the negative emotions of their mothers [and fathers if present] as part of the birth-process.  And the MINDs of these children mistakenly assume that it must be who and what the baby is… that is causing the parent [s] to generate so much negative emotion [fear and painful memory of their own births].

Remember, the MIND of the child uses a very subtle emotional MIND-level energy to communicate with [read the MINDs of the parents].   And since the MIND cannot perceive the Energy of the Soul, or Spirituality Energy,  the MIND just assumes that who or what the child is…  has  to be pretty awful.

And, of course this sounds somewhat insane, right?  The reason this is unknown in modern mental health is that the field has denied and ignored the MIND of Man since the early 1900s, when B.F. Skinner [who feared his own MIND] boldly stated that there was no “MIND” within a person that could effect a person’s present behavior.

It was Skinner who pushed the Oxymoron “behavioral psychology” on the public, and the field of mental health as well.

So, for the last century, the Psychology of the ancient Geeks, which was a purely Esoteric Psychology, has been systematically “cleansed” of its Esoteric origin.  Today, not one in a thousand licensed mental health workers even knows what the MIND is?

The MIND is that which causes every conflict a person has “Within” him or herself.  All forms of sexual confusion is due to deeply repressed misperceptions help by people from the time of their birth.

Sad, but unfortunately true.

Peace, Brother James

Trey Gowdy, and the LAW in General:

In watching the skillful manipulation [avoidance] of the truth by James Comey, and the tip-toeing around verbiage intended to prevent the Truth from being revealed… It occurs to me to say the following:

Law is not about Truth, it is about manipulation of Truth to advantage the guilty by people lacking Conscience.

The ex-FBI Director ignored multiple instances of criminal activity of Hillary Clinton and in its place he used the term “Intent”.  As though “Intent” was something we should be in awe regarding… although the term “Intent” is irrelevant, not factual nor real.

The FACT is… an action has consequences. The Law [as administered by Comey] is not based on facts, but on his ability to find a way to ignore and deny facts, or interfere in administering the “law” by issuing get out of jail free cards to all the guilty people helping Hillary ignore the law.

In other words, every action has consequences, but the normal person has no way of “knowing” what consequences will occur when he or she engages in an action?  And, when the “LAW” is not based on the consequences of an action, but is arbitrarily based on what a person “INTENDED” his or her action to be… then the LAW is saying that a person must be excused from all RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS/HER ACTIONS IF… the consequences of his/her action  are contrary to what he/she wants those consequences to be?

My question is this:   In what way is “INTENTION” more important that CONSEQUENCES relative to an action?  If a person lacks Conscience, and can therefore easily lie, then the LAW says that such a person must not be held RESPONSIBLE for his or her actions… if that person’s attorney says that he/she did not INTEND for the CONSEQUENCES of his/her action to be what they were?

That, to me, is insane, and has virtually nothing to do with Truth, or Reality! Hillary engaged in actions that were [in themselves] illegal.  And she signed an oath to not do what she did.  How is such action not illegal? What kind of nonsense is Comey engaged in when he uses the term “INTENT” to excuse Hillary’s illegal actions?

A man was driving 85 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour area, and he ran over an old lady.  But he did not “INTEND” to run over the old lady, therefore he is not guilty of driving 85 miles an hour?  That is precisely what Comey is telling us about Hillary and her multiple crimes.  She did not “INTEND” to commit a crime, therefore her crimes are not really crimes.

Sorry, Trey Gowdy, when you allow a liar like Comey to manipulate common sense by lies, deception, and assuming we citizens are as ignorant as Congress is regarding RESPONSIBILITY for one’s actions… irrespective of “INTENT”… I, for one, no longer have any faith in the Law, nor in those in government.

“INTENT” is simply a means by which the elite avoid RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, aided by crooked [and godless] attorneys.  A pox on all who lie for a living.

Brother James

All Souls are from God, but they are not all “equal” in maturation

And if this flies in the face of what we have been told, so be it.  All Souls are in the process of acquiring what we might refer to as Spiritual Evolution [or Consciousness], and this refers to and requires the slow, many-lifetime process of engaging in and completing Karma [which is defined as Action-Reaction].

That is, what is called in physics the principle that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In the Law of Karma this is called the Yang and Yin principle. Or the concept that “as you sow, so shall you reap”.  And each action we do is an act of Yang energy [male and outgoing], and that will in turn require the return of that exact same Karma in its YIN form.  And Yin Karma means the emotional experience of receiving precisely the exact same Yang Karma acted out against oneself.

Now, if one is able to receive that Karma [or utilize the Virtue of Acceptance] then that bit of Karma is complaint.  However, Acceptance is rarely exercised when one receives the results of one’s own Karmic action.  Most often a person believes the action taken against oneself is unwarranted, unfair, unjust, and one then resists the action, or seeks revenge for such action… which results in that particular Karma  coming back again, and again, until one realizes that it is coming back to one because it was CAUSED by oneself.  The only way to “complete” that Karma, is to own it, and to forgive the person who returned one’s own Karma to oneself.

So, the fact is… each of us is in the process of trying to LEARN what the Law of Karma is, and how to deal with it.  And that means that each of us is separate and unequal in how much Karma one has COMPLETED?  The following sketch is a visual reminder of the  two basic types of people on Earth.


I refer to these Virtues by the symbol “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and each Soul is in the process of accumulating these Virtues by engaging in the Karma of life.

So, part of humanity are Intelack Souls, and part of humanity are Enlightened Souls. And sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which, but it is important to discover this, because the Intelack individual is naturally prone to evil.

Peace, Brother James


BUT FIRST… Look below to paragraph in all capital letters & in BOLD.

The Congress shows good intentions in allocating MONEY to the problem of addiction to drugs, or Opiates, Smack, Pot, etc.  And in bringing together people who are also CONCERNED about the PROBLEM.

The PROBLEM IS… Are these EXPERTS not the very people attempting to deal with the problem… with no success?  The only thing money does is to make people who have no idea what to do RICHER…

Congress must ask itself… are they seeking to reduce the problem, or give the impression they are doing something? And I am serious in this question.

Allow me to explain as briefly as I can what is going on with the problem of Drug addiction.  Let me begin with the reason people use drugs?  Drugs are used by people [initially] to achieve a state not unlike when one is intoxicated with alcohol. But alcohol has a negative reaction by others, whereas today using drugs is “cool,” neat, hip, etc.

The primary reason people become addicted to drugs is… the drugs work to meet the psychological need of a person to cut-off awareness of anxiety [which is caused by that person’s MIND… threatening to expose some fearful unknown from within itself to that person’s Conscious Awareness].


1. Deeply repressed fear. 2. A need to have that fear revealed. 3.  The fact this fear is a psychological misperception taken-on at the time of that person’s birth… which can ONLY be discovered via COMPETENT PSYCHOTHERAPY.

______________________  Additional point of interest is:  Modern mental health or “BS&bp” Research Here... has no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it works?  The CAUSE of addiction is not the drugs… but a person’s MIND that uses the drugs to achieve a state of reduced anxiety. The actual causal behind drug use is that it works.  And no amount of cerebral, behavioral, or intellectual activity will impact the HABIT OF DRUG USE BECAUSE THE HABIT IS FIXED IN THE PERSON’S MIND.

____________Without adequate AND PROPER Psychotherapy, throwing money at addiction is an exercise in fleecing the tax-payers.

Peace, Brother James


In the in Intelligence Hearing yesterday, I witnessed a reprehensible abuse of Truth, conducted by Democrats… and allowed by Republicans…AND SUSTAINED BY THE “LAW”.  Perhaps making obvious the fact that the Law does not mean the “Truth”.

The Democrats openly, loudly, and repeatedly said that there was NO PROOF AT ALL THAT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ATTEMPTED TO SPY ON THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION.

Even FBI Comey lied, and the General sitting next to him lied… and the Democrats on the committee COUNTED ON THEM LYING. What do I mean?

Either the penalty for exposing actions taken under a FISA warrant is so severe [I believe I heard 10 years in Prison], or something else is going on… because there were two attempts by the Obama administration to secure FISA warrants to spy on the Trump organization.  One in October [which was denied], and again in January [which was permitted]. Is it against the law to even talk about these warrants?

These attempts by the Obama administration are IN THEMSELVES clear evidence that the Obama administration was seeking to  spy on the Trump organization… and yet both Comey & the General, and the Democrats all lied [under oath, by the way], saying that there was NO EVIDENCE   that this occurred.

Is this not using the Law to block public awareness of illegal activities [made secretly OK by some law passed by Congress]?   Is this not a case where government bureaucrats are using the laws they pass to operate in ways the Constitution expressly denies?  And then the Democrats can openly lie to the American Public, while the laws of the FISA process prevent honest people in Congress from exposing the lies of the Democrats… and the Democrats count on good people obeying the Laws they intentionally create to punish anyone who dares expose their lies?

I find this particularly disgusting, vile, and alas…. routinely typical of Democrat or Intelack [godless] type people.

Really aggravating,    Brother James