The most important point I was not able to put forth in part I rests upon my inability to convey  the fact that so much of the Spiritual dimension of oneself is invisible to ones brain and physical senses:  Both the MIND dimensions [two of these] and the Spiritual dimension are incapable of being seen or known via our normal and familiar methods of discovery. Alas, you cannot ‘think’ about this.

I believe the single most significant fact not realized by Man [at least in the West], is the fact that three-quarters of one’s whole… are elements and dimensions that CANNOT BE KNOWN BY ONE’S BRAIN AND THINKING. And this fact is denied by a certain class of people… quite unknown to themselves.

Take KNOWLEDGE for example.  Education in the West is convinced that to gain Knowledge, one must fill up on information.  The reason so many think this way… is that this is what the MIND wants mankind to believe.  How many people in the West KNOW what the MIND is? Take a guess… Ten percent, fifty percent, or ninety percent?  It is more likely one in ten might KNOW what the MIND is?

And the reason so few KNOW what the MIND is… begs another question: How many in modern mental health KNOW what the MIND is?  If you ask them, you will find that not one in a hundred licensed psychologists will be able to tell you.  By the way, when I use the term KNOW in all capital letters, this indicates that I am speaking of a person possessing experiential Knowledge… and not just an intellectual belief composed of some Abstract words that point to a description of a MIND that  some people think is hidden  somewhere in the physical brain…  What these people miss entirely is the fact that the MIND is Esoteric, or composed of invisible operations Within Man that are not physical, and thus, they cannot be known by the brain.

And, of course this concept… that there are many parts of oneself that one simply cannot discover by use of ones brain and thinking… is itself a most difficulty concept to embrace… simply because how does one become aware of that which  one’s brain cannot perceive?   Man can only think about the MIND in the ABSTRACT?

Unless, and until, a person can accept that he or she is utterly incapable of KNOWING the MIND via his or her brain… the discovery of the MIND remains impossible for such a person.   And… such a person will only discover his or her errors when, at the time of death, that person finds him/herself in the Astral body, on the Astral realm of Creation, in front of a judge, communicating  MIND to MIND, or via telepathy with that judge.

Now, how many readers were aware of this part of Life?

Peace, Brother James

In the diagram below, I have indicated the Path of those Souls that will find their way back to God.   These are the steps every Soul must take to return Home to God.  The only difference a religion on Earth makes is that it can help or hinder the advancement of one’s Soul in this process… which is the single same process all Souls must take in their return to God. For very practical [albeit Mystical] reasons.

And when I say ALL Souls, I am also speaking of Christ, and all Perfect Living Masters as well.  Christ was a unique Soul, chosen by God to perform the tasks God wanted accomplished.  But even Christ had to complete the Path of all Souls seeking to become One with God [or 1=1].  The reason that all Souls [intended to become One with God] must complete this Path… is that the Energy of God is unique.  And it is Perfectly Neutral, which means no thing [nor thought, desire, nor any unfinished business] can be left Within a Soul returning to the unique Energy of God.


God is the primordial Energy of existence, and I believe this Energy is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  And I believe this because no other form of Energy could be trusted to not be influenced by the Creation.  In other words, to remain entirely aloof from the Yin-Yang nature of the Creation, God would have to be composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy.  Neutral is the only Energy that could be trusted to not be influenced by the Creation. NSgy is the Reality behind the illusion, in other words.  All Absolutes must of necessity be found within the Spiritual dimension, since it is the ONLY dimension that is Real in an Absolute sense.  That is, permanent, and unchanging.

Creation is such that it requires resistance to enable something to materialize from “nothing”.  The entire Creation is an illusion, that is, the whole of Creation is CREATED.  It utilizes actual energy, thus it appears quite real.

In other words… to Create something from nothing… God would have to have resistance, and this then is the purpose of the MIND-level energy,  which is a subtle stepped-down Spiritual Energy, and thus… the MIND-level energy, with its  Yin-Yang nature of good and evil [or the two aspects of ‘Male’ (out-goiong) and Female (in-going) energies] was  required to form the phenomena of Creation.

So, the story of Genesis is an attempt by  Man to explain what is a purely mystical process, the nature of which can ONLY be KNOWN by a Soul that has acquired a very high level of Enlightenment.  And… pretty much unknown by most people… to acquire an increased level of Enlightenment, a Soul must let go of attachments held by the MIND that is attached to it.

You see, the “cost” of acquiring the attachments we Souls possess requires a Soul to “spend” its own Spiritual Energy… which its MIND converts into the attachments to the illusion… which bind the Soul to the cycle of birth and death and the illusion of life.  It is the unloading of these attachments that takes so much time to be spent in the higher regions of Creation.

Going back to the illustration above, the only way what I have shared with the reader works… is if every Soul is part of both the Law of Karma, and that of  Reincarnation.  In other words, it is not possible for any Soul living as an Amoeba to evolve into a human being in one lifetime.  So, like it or not, both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation, are the two Principle Laws of Life. And both are Absolute laws, and both are essential in the Creation of God, and expressly designed for His Creation… and operational Within every Soul.  But not all Souls will realize or accept the offering of God.

So, after very long periods of time, the Earth is renewed, and Man is judged. And only those Souls judged as “righteous” [worthy of remaining as active parts of Creation] will continue as Souls. What happens to those Souls not judged as worthy?  Read Revelation 20:10-15

Peace, Brother James

The phrase [expressed in various ways,  1-worlder, New World Order, One World Government, and currently, it has  manifested in what we refer to as the “United Nations”].   All of these terms are labels and names for an invisible driven force that exists within certain types of people on Earth.  In other words, the people on Earth who are naturally drawn to the concept of a ‘One World Government’ share something in common.

What they share is  an unrelenting psychological “need,” hidden Within the MIND of a particular type of person.  And this fully non-conscious psychological “need” [held Within the MIND of such people]  compulsively drives then to try and  “CONTROL” mankind.  And as a consequence of this… these people are especially vulnerable to any idea, plan, program, or political party that is based on [secretly fulfilling] this NEED to CONTROL MANKIND.

And, of course this relentless need is quite unknown to these people at a conscious or cognitive level of awareness.  So, they are drawn to support those people who promise a larger, and larger government, and promise to provide them with more and more CONTROL over their lives.  I refer to those people who unknowingly crave more and more CONTROL over their lives as the Intelack  class people.  The Intelack type person is simply a Soul that is new to the form of human being, and thus, they are operated by their MINDs [because their Souls have not, as yet, acquired a level of Consciousness sufficient to resist the desires of their MINDs].

And all of what I have just described takes place Within the Intelack; that is, takes place Within the MIND of such people, and they have no conscious awareness of having this need at all.    So, we have the Liberal, Democrat, Socialist or Marxist, and such people have no idea why they cling to the ideals of these forms of government?  What CAUSES A PERSON TO BE AN INTELACK?

In the simplest terms, what “causes” a person to be an Intelack  is a lack of Consciousness… and the term Consciousness  might also be referred to as a lack of Spiritual Evolution of a person’s Soul.  And to acquire Spiritual Evolution, or Consciousness, requires a great many lifetimes as a human being.  Since it is only in the form of a human being that one’s Soul can acquire the Virtues of Life, which the term Consciousness stands for.   Simply put… the Purpose of Life is for each Soul to slowly acquire C’etc [or Consciousness]. And we have as many lifetimes  [in many different forms] as we need to accomplish this task.

To properly explain what “CAUSES” a person to be an Intelack is… easy or difficult… depending upon your personal level of Consciousness?  That is,  it is  difficult for many to believe the invisible  operational dynamics of the MIND and Soul  because… for over a century now, modern mental health has been in denial of three-quarters of the whole of Man.  That is, BS&bp [or my symbol for modern mental health]  has operated based on the mistaken views of B.S. Skinner [a behavioral scientist whose own MIND caused him to believe that the MIND of Man is irrelevant].  He was mistaken, of course, but a great many people, especially in the West, believe they only have one life to live. And this belief is due to the removal of text from the scriptures that suggest otherwise… in the early centuries of the Catholic church.

And this brings us to Revelation 17:5.  And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT , THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH.

If you are familiar with Catholic communion, you will recall that a cross is put upon the forehead of the person by a priest… Now, go back and read the previous verse. It most likely never occurred to you that the “mark of the beast” was this cross placed on a Catholic’s forehead… right?  It never occurred to me before. But by placing 17:5 before Revelation 16:2, the mark of the beast suddenly makes sense.


In the Bible, Revelation 16:2, we read:  And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore  upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.

In other words, the Catholic church is the “…woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast…”  And the woman was “arrayed in purple and scarlet dolor, and decked with gold and precious stones…” It is the Catholic church that is described in Revelation 17:6, And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

Revelation 17:7, And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carreith her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.

Revelation 17:9, And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

This clearly speaks of the seven hills of Rome, which is the home of the Vatican.

The rest of Chapter 17 tells us of the many nations that will join the Pope in seeking to destroy Israel, because Israel will not abandon God in favor of the Pope and his “one world religion”.

In other words, Chapter 17 tells us of the religious half of the duo of the False Prophet and the Antichrist, and the Antichrist will be the secular leader of the One World Government [most likely the United Nations].  And this combination represents the ultimate attempt by human beings to deny and attempt to replace God.  The False Prophet and the Antichrist represent the ultimate Intelack human beings.

And, of course, these two serve Satan, whose job was ordained by God, to serve the purposes of God. And these purposes are God’s to KNOW.  Our job is to attempt to “see” through the language to discover the subtle Spiritual  path back Home.

The lesson is, I believe, clear.  One’s Soul must dedicate itself to God, and for the Christian, to dedicate ones allegiance to Christ as the son of God, and to avoid worshiping idols, symbols, or Intelack type individuals.

All that is of the Earth, is of the Earth, not God.

Peace, Brother James

Before we begin, let me pose a question we can think about  while I present this discourse.  What if the Reality of Life consisted of good, evil, and Neutral?  And the reason for this question will become clear as we move through this discourse.

In a Spiritual discourse, or ‘Satsang,’ given by Master Charan Singh, In Durban, South Africa,in 1975, he said this;

“The Lord cannot be found anywhere outside of oneself…”  He then said: “The Soul and MIND are knotted together, and the MIND is naturally drawn to the senses.”  My question is ‘why is the MIND “naturally” drawn to the senses’?   Is it because the physical senses are physical, tangible, and more real to us that either the MIND or Spiritual parts of ourselves?  If this is the case, then it is readily understandable why our attention is drawn to our physical senses.

We might take a moment to ask ourselves this question?  What is the Purpose of Life?  Have you noticed that hardly any religion or Spiritual path tells us what the Purpose of Life is?  In another video, Master Charan Singh said:  “Our job is ‘training the MIND to go inward and upward.  Master said in the same video that Simran and Dhyan is used to rise to the Eye Center, where we can began practicing bhajan, or listening to the sound of the Audible Life Stream, or Shabd Dhun.

Master then added: “Only one thing that can pull one’s attention from Creation, and that is the Shabd Dhun,or the Audible Life Stream.”

And, what is the Energy of the Audible Life Stream?  It is of course Spiritual Energy, but is there anything especially peculiar about Spiritual Energy… other than it is the Energy of God, and that it is invisible?   Why is Spiritual Energy invisible?  Does it exist in a different vibrational dimension?  And, is the Spiritual dimension such that it ONLY exists as the Spiritual dimension, and to experience it… one must go to that dimension, since it cannot manifest on this physical plane?

Could this possibly explain the reason philosophers, using their brains, have been unable to discover the Truth?

In another video, Master said:  “We do not see the light because of the darkness…” and he was speaking of the light of our Spirituality, and he was speaking of our attachments as the darkness, or that our attachments are what  separates us  from the light.  To me, this suggests that Spiritual Energy, like that of the Soul,  is different  when it is in the form of our attachments.  And part of that difference is that the “light” is missing when it is in the form of an attachment. Thus an attachment lacks Spiritual Energy.

Does this not suggest that  Spiritual Energy must be altered to become an attachment created by the MIND?  And that we do not see our Spiritual Energy in our attachments… because the attachments are no longer Spiritual Energy?  Is the reason the MIND is, as Master says… ‘the Soul and MIND are knotted together’,  because it is the MIND  that must  convert Spiritual Energy into MIND-level energy,  which is then converted into physical energy?  Let me repeat this paragraph.

If we consider that the whole of Man is composed of multiple vibrational dimensions,  and only one is physical… then perhaps both the MIND and Spiritual dimensions are invisible to our physical senses.  Then it makes perfect sense that in order to try and reclaim our Spiritual Energy [separated from ones Soul into one’s attachments] we are given Simran and Dhyan as the method of reclaiming our own Spirituality?  In other words, we do Simran to try and re-attach our Spiritual Energy to our Souls.  This would also explain how it is that the only way to detach is to attach to something higher.  Simran then is the method by which we slowly reclaim our own dissociated Spirituality.

And yes, what I am suggesting here seems strange.  But is it all that strange?  I mean, we cannot see MIND energy or Spiritual Energy, so how can we know what is going on at these levels?  And how would we even know whether or not we use our own Spiritual Energy to create attachments?

Most people on the Path quite likely assume that our attachments are “emotional” attachments… but how many would be open to the idea that our attachments are literally dissociated bits of our own Spirituality?  And if what I am suggesting is true, then the more attachments one has, the less Spiritual Energy one has available to oneself.

Perhaps the Light of the Spirit is not actually diminished by our attachments, but to sustain the attachments… it requires our Spiritual Energy to be focused on the attachments?   In any case, to sustain ones attachments is said to be contrary to one’s Spiritual growth.

The MIND of the human being creates desires for objects of the world, and each such desire is fulfilled by use of ones own Spiritual Energy.  And mystics refer to this attachment by the term “attachment”.  And the Energy used by the MIND to create an attachment is ones own Spiritual Energy.   So, whether it is actually one’s own Spiritual Energy that is used for ones attachments, the net effect is the same.  An attachments is a misuse of ones Spiritual Energy.

Master Charan Singh said in his Satsang: “We must abstain from the worldly pleasures. Our MIND is pulled down by our senses,  we do not see the light within ourselves”.

I take this to mean… with our Spiritual Energy reduced by our attachments, we can no longer depend upon our Spiritual Energy, or its Light  to remind us that this physical plane is an illusion… [perhaps we might refer to this as a reduction in our Consciousness]? And in a relatively short time, our collection of attachments becomes such that [our ability to discern real and unreal is reduced] and we forget what is Real, and begin to believe the illusion is the only reality there is.

In addition, the  fact that Spiritual Energy is invisible to our physical senses no doubt contributes to the ease by which our MINDs  so easily involve us in the illusion.  And the fact that the vast majority of people thoroughly believe the illusion to be real,  makes differentiating between the illusion and Reality quite difficult… since so few will tolerate resistance to what they believe to be true.

Master Charan Singh then said: “Unless our attachments are cut from the Soul or Spirt, or Nam, we do not escape from this plane.”  Would it be presumptuous to say that the term “cut” could also mean… converted from attachment back to ones Spiritual Energy…otherwise we cannot escape from this cycle of birth and death?

I conclude from what Master Charan Singh said, that we are caught in a dilemma of either -or.  That is, either we are attached to the MIND and its attachments, by which the MIND  prevents us from awakening to the Spirit, Shabd, Holy Ghost, or Nam within us… primarily because the Spiritual within us is invisible to our physical senses… Or, we somehow find a way to reverse the very nature of our lives on this Earth  plane?

This raises for me a question?  Without help, is it even possible for a human being, whose life in the illusion is mostly operated by the MIND… and the Karma that it contains,  to worry about his Soul?    What would cause a person to spontaneously begin to wonder what has happened to his Soul?  I have concluded that if one awakens to the Spirituality within oneself, this awakening is  evidence of one receiving Grace from the Lord. Or in the case of those who are Initiated, Grace from ones Master.

Master said:  “Unless the Soul gets a release from the MIND.. it can never become whole.”

Does this remark from Master suggest that the Soul is less than whole… and it cannot become whole again unless it gets a release from the MIND. Question:   How does one get a release from the MIND?

The answer, we are told over and over again is to do our Simran and Dhyan.  Master says: “Our job is training the MIND to go inward and upward.”

I mean, the Soul is Spiritual, and the MIND is not.  So, how can the MIND hold the Soul,  which the MIND cannot even perceive?  Perhaps what the MIND holds is a stepped-down Spiritual Energy that one’s Soul gave to the MIND to create the attachment between ones Soul and some physical person, place or thing on the Earth plane?  It does not matter how precisely this attachment is created, what is important is that it exists.

And this then… brings us back to the question:  What is the Purpose of Life?

Many years ago, I was working on a theoretical structure that would explain Psychology relative to the whole Human Being.  And for quite some time, I was missing something that I needed to complete that structure.  One evening, I was at a table doodling, when I suddenly wrote down the terms ” Neutral Spiritual Energy”.  Which I gave the symbol NSgy.

It took quite some time for me to awaken to what my Intuition gave me that evening. But I eventually realized that this phrase, Neutral Spiritual Energy, was a reference to the Energy of God.  But since I had not heard of this concept before, I did not trust my Intuition at the time.  But as part of my general process I tried to think of all the things I could that were “neutral”?

I eventually realized that I could not think of anything that was Neutral?  What did this mean, I wondered?   What if Neutral Spiritual Energy was the primordial Energy of God? And that, as the mystics say, God projected a stepped-down energy into the Void, which resulted in the formation of the Creation.  Could Neutral Spiritual Energy be the Spiritual dimension, and the dimension of Truth, Reality, Spirituality, God, and all absolutes?

For me and my theoretical structure for the Psychology of Man,  the idea of Neutral was the key I needed to complete my structure.  And, in solving this problem, I also realized that the Soul, being an aspect of God, is also composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy.

Now, another question for you….If your Soul looked into a mirror, and you were Neutral, what would you see?   Since Neutral means nothing to cause friction, you would be invisible. After a long search for something that was Neutral, I concluded that the nearest thing I could come up with was the term “Nothing”.

And, I found the discovery of NSgy fascinating.  And I suspect you can pursue this enquiry for yourselves, if you are so inclined?

Master Charan Singh said:

“Only one thing that can pull one’s attention from Creation, and that is the Shabd Dhun, or the Audible Life Stream.

If one views the Soul as Neutral Spiritual Energy, then one can easily imagine the mirror idea, and no image.  So, it occurred to me that the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to discover everything Neutral Spiritual Energy can be… when it is manifested into the physical plane of Creation?   This then also explains the Hindi idea that the Creation is the Lord’s Lela, or the Lord’s Play.  Not like a child playing, but like what Shakespeare said regarding life as a play in which we Souls are all playing parts.

I mention this simply because I believe there is merit to it. But I have no confirmation that the concept of Neutral Spiritual Energy is valid,nor applicable to Sant Mat.


Master then said:  “Meditation means trying to help our Soul get released from the clutter of the MIND.”  Could this not mean… released from that which is not Spiritual?  The Soul, to return to God, must once again become Enlightened Neutral Spiritual Energy, or Pure Spiritual Energy.


Brother James





This illustration depicts the older Soul that is Enlightened, not just a Soul that has lived a number of lifetimes as a human being.  Because… it is quite possible to have lived a number of l…

Source: We Souls Change…

If you are familiar with the Chapter of Revelation in the Bible, then you have read the phrase “written in the book of Life”.  And many probably read this phrase, and just skip over it, thinking that much of the Bible is merely stories from the ancient past. Or that the Bible is about ancient history, and not about current affairs.

Or some may  think  that this  phrase has nothing to do with themselves, and their own lives? But the truth is… this phrase refers to every living human being, regardless where that human being is located in the whole of Creation?

The ‘Book of Life,’ I believe refers to what the mystics refer to as the Akashic Record, or the record of every Soul that still exists which is kept on the Astral region of Creation, and this record is open for all to see.  And… let us take a moment to discuss the term “Creation”.  The “Creation” was an event that took place, it is not something that is continually taking place relative to we Souls.  The number of Souls is massive, and none but God knows that number.

My point, in terms of the Book of Life, is that all Souls that have not been eliminated are in that Book.  And the “judgement” that takes place at the end of each lifetime is NOT THE FINAL JUDGEMENT OF Revelation  There is a judgement at the end of each lifetime [of a human being], but that is not the Judgement spoken of in Revelation 20:11-15.  11: And I saw a grew white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

[Meaning… there was no place that one could escape this judgement].

Revelation 20:12  And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

Revelation 20:13  And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them:  and they were judged every man according to their works.

Revelation 20:14  And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

Revelation 20:15  And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Think of the book of life as a giant ledger sheet with one’s good Karma on one side and one’s negative Karma on the other side.  And the balance is one’s judgement [or one’s works],  and the balance  is clear for anyone to weigh, or measure.

So there is apparently a threshold one must meet… and only God knows what that threshold is?  And… if this sounds like a single commitment of a person saying: “I’m sorry,” will somehow erase a ton of unfinished negative Karma, think again!!  It is not God that does not forgive one, it is one’s own record of negative Karma that condemns one.  Mankind has a time [four Ages of Man] in which to reach a positive balance.   And the Final Judgement is the end of that limit.  It is in the book [in this case, the Bible] and if one has not taken advantage of reading and HEEDING the Bible, whose fault is that?

Each Soul inhabiting a human form had to make a commitment to Life, upon being given the gift of incarnating as a human being.  Do not blame God for one’s own failure to live up to the commitment one made.  All one’s lives are written in the Book of Life, and the Law of Karma makes no mistakes.

Life is no joke, it is deadly serious.

Peace, Brother James






A Short Essay


Brother James, Lo_G
[Lo_G means Lover of God]

Let us begin at the beginning…
In the beginning there was, as they say… A Void. But was this void truly a void [meaning that there was nothing there], or was there something there… but it’s nature was such that it gave the appearance of being nothing, and therefore, a void?
I believe that what is referred to as a void is, in fact, the primordial energy of existence, and it appeared as “nothing” because it was ‘Neutral Spiritual Energy,’ or NSgy, for short. And if you consider the term “Neutral,” one of its characteristics is a lack of resistance. That is, being neutral, it has nothing for matter to butt up against, which is necessary for friction to occur, which is what we often see. That is, the result of a collision of otherwise invisible elements.
So, for me, that primordial energy is what is called the Void. And although the Void cannot be seen, it does have a Sound to it…and this Sound has the name “Word”. And I say this because the Bible itself says that “in the beginning, was the Void,” or, as the Bible also says… In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. and the Word was God.
Does this mean that God was in the Void, or perhaps comprised the Void? And perhaps this also means that God. although appearing like a Void [being invisible], could be identified as a special ‘Word”?
Now, what if that special “Word” was also called by the name Spirituality? And Spirituality, which is invisible to the physical senses, is the operational Energy of God, and thus Spirituality [and perhaps even Reality] can be KNOWN… but only by experiencing what is referred to as the “Word”? And since this Word cannot [apparently] be heard by ones physical ears, how does one go about hearing this “Word”?
What do the mystics say about this question?
The mystics tell us that a part of Man is capable of hearing this Word [but not with ones physical ears]. They say one must develop ones Astral body hearing, and this then will enable one to “hear” the “Word”. And they say this can be accomplished by specific meditation designed to accomplish this task. But they also tell us that to learn this form of meditation may take several lifetimes.

When the mystics speak of the Astral body, they are referring to the Lower MIND Within Man that represents the Astral region of Creation. The Higher MIND represents the Causal region of Creation, and these two are spoken of in the singular as the MIND of Man [which modern mental health virtually ignores] due to the mistaken beliefs of B. F. Skinner, whose fear of his own MIND, in the early 1900s, caused him to deny the MIND of Man, and to create the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’.
___________Or the insane notion that the MIND-level conflicts of mental illness can be treated by denying the MIND of Man, and instead, focusing on the behavior of Man. Of course our behaviors are the means by which our MINDs mask and hide what is causing our behaviors. So BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] is designed to fail mankind. The level of this failure is demonstrated in the high rates of suicide among Veterans, and the rapid rise of sexually conflicted individuals in America.________

To return to our discussion of the four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate dimensions of Man… it is of great value to remind ourselves that three of the four dimensions of Man are invisible to the brain and physical senses.
For those individuals who are confined to, or limited to the use of their brains and thinking… the idea of the three dimensions of Man that the brain cannot perceive just never enters their thoughts. I refer to this type person as an Intelack type person. Or a Soul that has not [as yet] acquired enough “C’etc” to enable it to resist the negative desires of the MIND… or to readily perceive evil.
________ The symbol “C’etc” is pronounced C_etcetera, and it is the symbol for my terms for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. Empathetic Understanding suggests empathy, insight, and Intuition, or the Esoteric aspects of an Esoteric Knowledge Man is slowly acquiring by “completing” Karma over many, many lifetimes. Again, people in the West have a choice to make: Either believe that Man only has one time to live and deny three-quarters of the Reality of Man, and Life… or believe Man has as many lifetimes as is required to achieve the C’etc necessary to escape the illusion of Life? One choice keeps one stuck in the illusion, and the other makes one a target of the Intelack people in the world.
Once a Soul incarnates into the Earth plane, regardless what form ones Soul in using, that Soul has begun to collect Karma, and as this Karma grows, ones choice [or limited free-will] is diminished considerably, simply because the Karma one has created demands to be addressed. And the “completion” of this Karma is the Purpose of Life… so it naturally takes precedence over ones design of the Fate Karma ones Soul designs for each lifetime.
There is nothing simple nor easy in the life of any Soul on this Earth plane. And the foregoing introduces three new concepts to the normal person in the West. One is the Astral body of Man; the second concept is that one can “learn” to hear via ones Astral body; and the third concept is that one has more than one lifetime in which to accomplish fulfilling the Purpose of Life.
Would it not be interesting to discover that the primary difference between East and West is whether one believes in Reincarnation or not? Some scholars believe that one or more Popes removed the verses in the Bible that obviously mention the Law of Karma [as ye sow, so shall ye reap], and Reincarnation [which, oddly enough Hebrews 9:27 refers to obliquely… although it has been misinterpreted differently], since perhaps around the fifth century, or some 500 years after the birth of Jesus.
The net effect of this is that the West tends to believe that Man only has one lifetime in which to achieve perfection, while the East believes that Man has as many lifetimes as needed to achieve the Purpose of Life. Of course the only importance to this is what do you believe? Since it is your individual Soul that must acquire the Knowledge to enable it to rise above the illusion of Life? There is no collective salvation or judgement, there is only individual judgement of the individual Soul.
It might be helpful, for those who are not sure about all of this, for me to mention that every living thing has a Soul. The tree, the donkey, Man, and so forth. Therefore, if your Soul was born as a tree… [and your Soul only has one lifetime to live…], is that your only opportunity to acquire perfection as a human being?
Or, is the Eastern view of Reincarnation a more reasonable [and loving] thing for God to do? I have always believed that the Eastern view of Reincarnation is much more God-like that the one-life to live nonsense of Christianity based on one misinterpreted verse in the Bible:
Hebrews 9:27. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
And the East has no complaint regarding this verse, only a much different interpretation. At the end of each lifetime ones Soul [with MIND attached] goes before a judge, and ones Soul goes over how well it did working through the Fate Karma it designed for its just concluded lifetime.
Then. before ones Soul goes to either some Hell for re-education of its MIND, or some Heaven for rest and relaxation, ones Soul designs a new Fate Karma for its next lifetime, which is the natural way all Souls are slowly climbing up the Ladder of Life.
—————– Back to the concept of meditation. Like virtually everything in the West, the dominance of the Left-Hemisphere of the brain [because it is what the MIND uses to communicate its Delusional Thinking to the brain], and thus, we naturally develop a dependence upon the Left-Hemisphere of the brain. And, this then becomes the automatic part of the brain we use to address anything that is new, unusual, or unknown in our lives.
And this tendency is exacerbated by our system of education, and those who tend to gravitate toward teaching [or its Intellectualism], which, in the wrong hands, becomes a subtle form of CONTROL… and a denial of, mocking of, and a punishing of… the natural Intuition of Enlightened children. This is the unstated purpose of Common Core, by the way.
There are children who are ‘naturally’ Enlightened individuals when born. And in the West, with its stance on “one life to live,” the idea that a child can be born with far more Enlightenment than its parents is difficult to comprehend. Because… without a prior opportunity to ‘earn” this Enlightenment, possessing it would mean that God allows inequality in Souls and their “one live to live.” So, those who buy into the “one life to live” idea have no other choice than to deny the Enlightenment of the child before them. With one life to live… it is virtually impossible for any child to be born already in more possession of Spirituality than his or her parents.
And the scorn, mocking, ridicule and physical pain imposed upon Enlightened children by fearful parents and teachers is substantial. But let us praise those Popes whose need for control over mankind caused them to misinterpret the principle laws of God. Sorry, I can’t praise ignorance and fear.
But if you doubt me in this… please read
Revelation (2 verses)
Not many in the world realize that this reference to Babylon the Great is referring to the Papacy, and ultimately to Rome, the city of seven hills. And who is the greatest supporter of the Antichrist? It is the False Prophet, which is the last Pope [which happens to be the present Pope].
Man proposes, and God disposes… is as true now as it has ever been. How much mankind honors those who expound upon what is and what is not the Word of God… when such people have no idea what God is, or where God is? And these same people teach that all it takes to achieve perfection is to say [after a life of crime, filth, and evil] “I’m sorry”.
God is not mocked, nor is His Law of Karma. As one sows, so shall one reap. And this Law is an Absolute Law. How is it possible to reap what one has sown, if one is forgiven ones sin by simply saying “I’m sorry”?
Yes, God does forgive we Souls… and this is precisely the reason he Created the many Hells on the Astral region of Creation. And by providing us Reincarnation, so that we can experience the Yin side of the Yang [action] Karma we sowed. By doing evil, and then receiving the fruit of such evil oneself… one “learns” all one can KNOW of that evil. And how in goodness sake can this be accomplished in one lifetime as a tree, a horse, or a frog? Or in one lifetime as a human being for that matter?
Reincarnation is simply a fact of Life, and it is the necessary sister of the Law of Karma. Life is not a theoretical proposition, nor is it one-sided. Nor is it part experience and part imagination. Life is an opportunity for we Souls to struggle our way up the Ladder of Life. And in doing so, we make possible the many transitions that our Souls must make in its journey toward perfection. Our Souls slowly rise in experiential Knowledge born of sowing and reaping the necessary Karma of Life, which was Created for we Souls by God, whose NSgy provided Knowledge of what was needed?
I trust this was helpful in explaining just a bit about the fact of Reincarnation, and how it is an integral part of Life?
Brother James, Lo_G